26 January 2012

My Loc Update ~ The Reveal: Colour. Style.

It's no secret I LOVE the colour red for hair. So, this has been long in coming. I have been thinking about this for MONTHS!! Waiting for the time when I felt my locks were healthy and long enough to dye. There is something about the colour red. It's not for the feint of heart when it comes to clothing or hair colour. Especially hair colour. I wore many shades of red when I still used to perm my hair. For a woman to wear red in her hair, I have always thought it said alot about her, her personality: boldness, flare, sexy, appealing, tenacious, passionate

The products
Hair colour - Adore semi-permanent Hot Pink mixed with Tones and Texture Natural Black

Initially, the plan was to purchase the Crimson by Adore, but the store I visited on Tuesday was all out of the product. And, there was no other beauty supplies store in close proximity to the salon, so with the advise of my loctitian, I bought the Hot Pink. I was going to the salon that same afternoon, so you can understand my predicament. Trust me when I say, I was might hesitant. But, the end result is better than I had expected. Kelly did a good job. But, I am still in the mood for that Crimson red look! 

Shampoo and Conditioner - Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo and the Conditioner 
These two remain in arsenal...until anyone can suggest something better :)

Loc Gel - Taliah Waajid Loc It Up Gel
This is one company whose product I have sat on the fence about for quite a while. Maybe it is because I knew personally of no-one who had used, so discussing its good and bad points was not possible. Plus, some of the ingredients in some of their other products made me a little hesitant, as well. But on Tuesday morning, whilst perusing Facebook, I came across a review that someone from the US had posted on the same product and read all the positive things which others had contributed to the discussion. And, funny enough, a Barbadian loctitian and acquaintance of mine had also made a contribution. So I found out from her where to purchase it and I bought it that afternoon, too! Amazing how things work out, huh?

The look
At almost 15 months loc'd, there is much firmness in each loc. Although, I still would not say that my locs are mature. Maybe it is because of the extreme fuzziness I still see. Generally, I continue to love my hair and the journey. 

I am due for a treatment in two weeks.The tips were highlighted before the red colour was applied. 

These photos were taken at work. Thank you, Leanne, for assisting me with the photos. I appreciate it alot. 

What do you think now?

Are you willing to paint the town red? LOL!


  1. Iameatingrightright26 January 2012 at 22:36

    I still love it! The color is great. I had red hair when I was relaxed and really enjoyed it. You look beautiful!

  2. Beautiful! Your hair is gorgeous. Please take some pics when your locs are loose. Blessings!

  3. Thank you! I will do that for sure. I need to do a length check as well, didn't really get a chance to see how much they might have grown.

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  4. LOVE IT!!! Go Tash!!!!

  5. You hair looks absolutely gorgeous! It's nice how the pink turned out really red. You have some good luck.

  6. If it hadn't been for Angela, I would never have known and even though I see the pics I still do not believe my eyes - Natasha Mayers (nee Blanchette) with out processed hair and a client of my loctician as well.. the surprises just keep coming. The colour looks good on you, enjoy the journey...

  7. *smiles* So right, surprises never cease! And, thank you!
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  8. *smiles* So right, surprises never cease! And, thank you! It has been a good learning experience...loving it a lot. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device from LIME.

  9. Trust me, I am happy that it did :) Pink is so not me for hair colour. I would have had to cover it up. But, my loctitian is a boss so I trusted her, I guess.


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