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The National Flag of Barbados

The map of Barbados

  • Was a former British colony
  • Gained its independence on November 30, 1966
  • The capital of the country is called Bridgetown, the commercial and financial centre
  • The island lies at the easternmost point of the Caribbean chain of islands
  • It has 11 parishes
  • Is an English-speaking nation
  • The 'Bajan' dialect we speak is also the name we call ourselves
  • Our economy is driven primarily by the tourism industry, followed by the services sector; and, to a lesser extent the manufacturing sector
  • Sugar cane industry used to be the chief money earner hundreds of years ago
  • Many people make their livelihood fishing
  • Our country has a relatively stable political climate
  • Barbados' parliament is the 3rd oldest in the British Commonwealth
  • Barbados once had a railway in the late 19th Century
  • Barbados is rich of flora and fauna, boasting its own Wildlife Reserve and several Botanical gardens

Sugar cane harvesting by hand

National dish - Coucou and flying fish

Fish cakes - A delicious bajan delicacy


Oistins - a vibrant fishing town

The beautiful Pride of Barbados - National Flower

Barbados green monkey