3 February 2011

A Loc-star: Dionne

She rocks locs!
Meet Dionne! 

How long have you been wearing locs?
Since Oct 2004 which makes it 6 yrs 3months. I had started with interlocking but switched to palm-rolling. The locs are not as smooth (as with palm-rolling) and it pulled hair out from the root.

Why natural?
I have always had natural hair. And, I've always admired locs, so it seemed like the next step.

What is your routine like?
Initially, I got my hair reloc'd every  2 weeks. Now, I do it every 3 weeks - wash and re-loc. I get a treatment every 3 months. I have never had a de-fuzz.

Is there any particular way you like to wear your locs?
I like the twisted and pinned up look because it lasts much longer. Sometimes, I like to rod it and wear it open, but that keeps me too hot. 

Are there any particular products you use in your routine?
  • I use mostly anti-itch products
  • No gel as it itches my scalp
  • I use oil which consists of: olive oil, carrot oil, Vitamin E oil, lavender, rosemary, horsetail and other herbs
  • Natural oil rinses such as tea tree to repel fungus, lavender to promote growth.

Thanks so much, Dionne.

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  1. WOW my locs look long! I will add more info as i remember about mt loc routine

  2. Thanks Dee-kay. And sure, keep me posted and feel free to check back from time to time.

  3. nice one! more inspiration for me :)


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