18 January 2011

She rocks locs!

Meet Sherika!            

A young, intelligent, beautiful, Christian, university undergrad. Read on to see why she's loc'd!

How long have you been loc'd?
I started loc'ing right after graduation which was June 28, 2009. That makes it a year and a half.

Have you always had natural hair?
I always had natural hair, even before I began to loc my hair. Say no to chemicals!    :0)

Did you start your locs on your own or were they done professionally?
I started my locs on my own. I used both palm-rolling and interlocking methods. I still do them on my own but I only do palm-rolling now.


What is your routine (washing) etc. like?
I really don't keep track of how often I wash and reloc now. But, when I first started, I washed my hair too soon and basically undid alot of them. In terms of products, I use Murray,s Beeswax when palm-rolling.

Any favourite styles?
I usually like it rolled and pinned up!

Thanks you, Sherika for stopping by!


  1. LOVE IT!!!! lukka me :)
    I really love locs tho and would encourage anyone to do it. It saves alot of time as well. Like waking up to go to school or when I have exams I don't have the stress of doing my hair.

  2. Thank you for the inspiration. And I gotta agree with you, too about how much time I do save when I am getting ready for work and going out.

  3. ouuu nice! ....luv it! ....only a year and a few months to go till ur here tash! :) lol ...nice riksy!

  4. rik rikkkkk!!!! i int kno u got a blog :D u gotta visit my youtube page!!! keep it loc'd babe!!


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