11 January 2012

The Buzz ~ Quick Tips about Peppermint Oil for Hair


  • Has a nice, cooling smell
  • Menthol, one of the primary ingredients of the peppermint oil, has antiseptic properties
  • Also contains such properties as: Vitamin C, Tocopherol, Iron, Calcium
  • Gives scalp a tingling feeling 
  • It is an astringent
  • Stimulates hair follicles and promotes hair growth
  • Helps to curb dry, itchy scalp (balances the PH of the hair)
  • Rids hair of lice and dandruff
  • Normalizes the scalp's oil production
  • Pairs well with carrier oils like: jasmine, almond, olive, lavender
Thinking of making your own hot oil treatment?

This link gives and quick and easy tip using peppermint oil - Hot oil treatment

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