5 March 2012

African Head Wraps ~ PART 3: Tutorials

Many tutorials abound for your viewing on YouTube. These are just some of the ones I found interesting.

Now, as promised, a brief commentary on Segun Gele. Hakeem Oluwasegun Olaleye or Mr. Gele, as he is best known, has been described by many as a Master of Nigerian gele. This Houston-based entrepreneur is sought the world over not just for his expertise as Master gele designer, but also as an international event planner. His lucrative business takes him into the domain of wedding planning, beauty and gele training sessions. His story is one of pure talent but also determination. I will encourage you to read his story via the two links mentioned below.

This link takes you to a 2010 CNN interview with Segun Gele.

His website is rich! The photos, the information. But, the music is spell-binding. I kept his open all night just to have the music take me to dreamland. Soothing! Relative! Beautiful! 

This second video is by DupsiesAfricanAttire. 

Check out this video resource for the website needlesnthreads.

This contribution displays very beautiful gele head wraps. A compilation by Lara gele.

This final contribution shows some different styles by Fauryn78.

Thank you everyone for viewing and for sticking by me through this series. It was my pleasure putting this together. I hope you learnt something. I sure did! When next you wear your head wraps, send us a photo so it can be posted on Naturaleza Chronicles on Facebook!

These 3 posts also came from a personal and still very tender place, my Gran's passing. She taught me so much. The survivor I am today, has alot to do with my Gran's encouragement, her prayers and her love. I will love her til I can no longer do so. But those feelings are for another post.

So thank you, everyone, for allowing me to share.

Ta ta.


  1. Censorednomore6 March 2012 at 10:43

    loved the series Tash :)

  2. I like the two colors. Can't wait to try the two colorstogether.


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