11 July 2011

Meet Kareen ~ Naturalista Spotlight

This Naturalista spotlight is special to me. Kareen and I have never met face to face but she is a source of encouragement. Kareen's hardwork can be seen in the Health Naturally Series and also on her own blog i_ameatingright, a haven for guys and gals who are on the path or are contemplating getting on a track of healthy lifestyle.
Here is Kareen's story!

Kareen at home. Taken after her 3rd 'BC' about 2 months ago.

I made the decision to "go natural" after a traumatic dye job that ended with my hair falling out. That was in November of 2000. My big chop (BC) came in June 2001. My hair was still damaged from the dye job and I was tired of the braids I was using to transition so I just knew it was time. The natural online community was not as robust as it is today but I was a part of every forum I could find. The BC was so liberating and I loved it! I've loved it so much, I've BC'd three times now!

I grew my hair out for five years and loved it. I would wash weekly and my go-to style was two-strand twists. When I returned to school for a master's degree, I didn't have as much time to care for my hair so came my second BC in the spring of 2006 but this time I had the intention to keep it super-short. I wore it in this style until 2009 when I moved away from my female barber. I was watching Youtube and found shawnta715, a Youtube locstar, and I knew I had found my next style. I grew my hair out for a year and in December 2010, I had locs professionally installed via comb coils. 

Kareen with her 'fro in 2005
I loved my loc babies but again, circumstances changed and a new job made it difficult to care for my hair properly. Also, I came to the realization that I love my hair short. I really do. So, in May 2011, came my third BC. I wash my hair every other day but wet daily. I use Sauve Daily Clarifying shampoo. When my hair is freshly cut, I use Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil. I get my hair cut every three to four weeks so as it gets longer and I want to bring out the curls, I use Oyin Handmade's Burnt Sugar Pomade and Shine & Define. I miss the locs and may venture down that road again but I'm content. 

Stage before she loc'd her hair 
If you're considering going natural, take the plunge! When I first went natural eleven years ago, it was not received with open arms, especially from my family. Today, it's a much different and accepting world. I'm happy to say that my mom is a natural head, too! The natural hair community is bigger and supportive which is key so reach out to those resources. Be true to yourself and everyone else will respond positively to your authenticity!

4 months loc'd a few months ago

Don't forget to check Kareen's blog!!

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  1. Iameatingright11 July 2011 at 22:36

    Awww. . . you're quite a special person yourself and I very much appreciate our friendship! Thanks for the feature :)


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