1 September 2011

Naturalista Spotlight ~ Angela

This spotlight interview is special to me. I have known Angela for what seems like forever. But, it really dates back to Community College were we both studied languages. She has always been confident, witty and a la mode when it comes to fashion and dressing. Angela is a source of loc envy...but, in a good way. When I grow up, I want my locs to be like hers!  :)

Angela was also the person who put me onto Nola. As you might have read in earlier posts, Nola was instrumental is starting my locs. Angela's locs were started by Tricia-Ann of Krown N Glory. However, for the past 2 to 3 years, Angela has been going to Nola.

So, without further ado, Meet Angela!

I have been a natural now for about 15 years. My journey to being natural was as a result of severe damage from a particular product I was using at the time. I did my best to hold onto my relaxed hair by wearing styles which hid the hair loss and damage behind my ears. As time went on, I grew tired of that. I just gave it all up and decided to be natural. With that said, I did my 'BC' when I was an undergrad at University (Cave Hill). Whilst transitioning, I bought scarves in every colour and for several months I wore a scarf every day to class. One day, I decided to go to class minus the head gear and revealed my tiny plaits. I had at that time 2 to 3 inches of natural hair. Friends said it looked good and I grew more confident but still not totally convinced nor comfortable. One day on my way home, I passed a rasta man who said something to the effect of- "...hair looking nice daughter, just now they will be as long as mine." Mind you, his were to his butt! Maybe it was that compliment from a stranger that gave me the confidence to go natural. 

But, my transition styles were not limited to the scarves. I wore plaits, twists and synthetic braids on occasion. I even had a wig or two! 

My journey to locs, however, came about in 2006 when I decided to become a mother. For some reason, I just felt it would take me less time when it came to maintenance. Sometimes, I dabble with colour and a variety of loc styles, but my fave style is definitely the chain-link look.

As it regards my routine, I keep it pretty simple. I wash my hair myself every two weeks but, I would love to alternate between that and going to get it done professionally. That's something I am working on for the future. I generally use oil sheen or natural oils on my 
hair. Water, I find, is also important. 

When it comes to locs, I have very few hang ups. My hair has never been this long and I enjoy the ease with which I can wear my hair and have styles last for quite a long time. Now, those hang ups? It would have to be the long length of time it takes to have my hair air-dry after I wash it myself at home. Also, I still have a few stubborn locs that do their own thing. But putting those two things aside, I would encourage persons who want to loc/are considering locking their hair, to give it a try! You really would not know unless you do. If then you do not enjoy having your hair loc'd, you can always take them down and maintain your natural hair journey. But hopefully, they would love it as much as I do!  



Don't for a minute believe that you cannot be creative when you have locs! 
Need some ideas? You are at the right place!
In pic 1, Angie's hair is not cut. The locs are actually curled back.
Pic 2, small curls are held together with small rubberbands.
The final 3 pics show what you can do with length! See how big the petals are in the final 2? And the glass bead hardware?! Eye candy, I tell ya!


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