27 April 2012

Sisterlocked Spotlight: Jeeva

I have known Jeeva for about 4 years now and have always been in awe of her beautiful, warm smile. This naturalista is a very outspoken, loving and extremely driven young lady. When it comes to her crown, she describes herself as a "hair fanatic." Jeeva's journey to having Sisterlocks is more than a fashion statement. It's a lifestyle choice.

It is my pleasure to feature Jeeva as she talks about her lifestyle, passions and yes, her Sisterlocks!

Name 3 interesting facts about yourself
1. I am fluent in Spanish
2. I am a lover of all forms of art. I have a passion for creativity and fashion
3. I am very social. I love and live for people

Tell us a bit about your hair story
For most of my life I have indeed been a naturalista. There was a short period in which I had texturized hair, to make it more manageable, however, not long after, I cut the hair and grew it back out completely natural. 

Before I started Sisterlocks, I wore traditional locs but that form of locking did not suit my texture of hair. As my hair was so thick the weight of the locs became too much and the time it took for my hair to dry after washing was too long. What I also found was that the locs at the front would literally become undone because it was to soft. It just became too stressful to maintain.

My decision to wear my locs was based mainly on my desire to embrace my roots, my Caribbean culture and some elements of Rastafarianism that have indeed influenced me and my behaviour towards others. I love the increased manageability and flexibility with my hair. In all cases, my hair has been started and maintained by a loctician or in recent months, a certified Sisterlock consultant.

Do you have any fave hairstyles
Actually, I love all hairstyles for my locs. I take immense pleasure in the simplicity of my hairstyle. I like the way it complements my overall natural style of dress and the fact that I don’t ever have to worry about the weather, as my hair remains beautiful in any climate. I can go with ease from ‘casual do’ to ‘formal & elegant do’.
Sisterlocks braided style
About  2 weeks after Sisterlock installation

Have you found there to be any stereotypes when it comes to people who have natural hair?

Two stereotypes that I find intolerable at times include:

1) the association of locks and drugs (marijuana specifically) 

2) the concept of locks being dirty or in any way unhygienic

I know some people have an extensive product arsenal. What products do you use? What is your hair regimen like?

I truly believe that with natural hair, you need natural products and I have faith in natural oils particularly. Currently I use, and have been using for at least two-three years, Tea Tree Oil by Hollywood Beauty(8oz btl) and Marula Natural Therapy Hair & Scalp Treatment by Motions(8oz oil in spray btl) as well as Motions Shampoo & Conditioner to ensure my hair is never too dry and is left with a great fragrance!
Do you take this natural approach into other areas of your life as well?
I do take a more natural approach in my diet. I am vegetarian and I also thoroughly enjoy ‘ital food’ (vegan style-no animal product whatsoever). I do take into consideration my daily energy consumption as I’m also concerned about my environmental footprint. I also am presently employed with a company whose mission is entirely green oriented. The reason is simply because natural is better. For  me it is that simple :)

Final thoughts: What words of advice would share with someone who may be interested in starting locs.

I’d absolutely encourage women and men out there to go natural. Natural is beautiful! Natural is the real you! I am aware of situations where corporate women would have put chemicals or braids in their hair for a job interview and then worry about the length of time they may have to work at a particular firm (provided that they got the job) prior to showing their natural hair. This is something that seriously pains me and we have to take a stand because discrimination and this hair stigma have been going on for too long.

Gracias, Jeeva!
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