13 October 2011

The Buzz ~ Yarrow

One specimen of the Yarrow plant
Yarrow or Milfoil plant

Yarrow is a flowering plant known to be very rich in anti-oxidants. It not only blooms in white but also pink, red and yellow. It has been used to treat symptoms of the flu and cold, chest pains, whopping cough. The Yarrow extract also has anti-inflammatory properties which may be used to treat arthritic pains, joint and muscle soreness.

I have not seen the oil here in the health food store I usually go to, but it is said to have a sweet yet spicy fragrance.  As it relates to hair care, the Yarrow is used in shampoos and can promote a healthy scalp and hair growth. Its use as an astringent may also help in combating oily skin problems.

To know more about this useful natural herb: Yarrow information

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