4 February 2012

Kim ~ the fly chick with the fro

"In my mind I am that bad chick with the big fro and fly sense of style. This is what I enjoy most about wearing my hair. It fits my idea of me." 

Strong words, huh? 

Kim exudes confidence, a diva attitude and passion when it comes to life. This chic and outgoing Barbadian young woman, is very much about personal development and hard work.

She gives you her take on beauty, fashion, hair and make-up via her slice of the blogosphere. Kim is the writer behind the blog, Bajan Beauty Blog. She describes her blog as "...where I diarise my thoughts on all things frivolous and fabulous."

Keep calm and keep reading for more on what this fly diva has to say!!

Name 2 interesting facts about yourself:
1) Every woman should believe in her own beauty and never leave the house without making some effort.
2) Black or very dark shades make up about 75% of my wardrobe. It is so easy to wear.

Have you always been a naturalista?
I have not always been a naturalista. I relaxed my hair for the first time in 1998. I cut my hair off to wear it natural in 2005. I relaxed again 3 years later. I am hopefully natural again for life having big chopped in 2011 June.

I have never been totally in love with my relaxed hair. It's just not me. I can honestly say that I relaxed my hair in 1998 because I thought that it was the grown up thing to do. Since I have become a ‘grown-up’ and defined my own style, I know that relaxed hair is not for me.

What are some of the stereotypes (especially in Barbados) which you just cannot embrace as it refers to wearing natural hair?
I have encountered many stereotypes:
  1. Natural hair does not grow as fast as permed hair. (They grow at the same rate, natural hair just shrinks)
  2. Natural hair is not appropriate for the workplace or other venues
  3. Natural hair is hard to take care of
  4. Being natural makes you a part of the Rastafarian culture
  5. Since I am natural, I should not wear make-up
  6. And the list goes on...
Can you share some of the things that you enjoy about being natural?
In my mind, I am that bad chick with the big fro and fly sense of style. This is what I enjoy most about wearing my hair. It fits my idea of me. My hair also makes me stand out in a crowd. In my circles, there are not many girls wearing an afro and I appreciate being different.

Wearing my hair the way I do is easy for me. I’ve always been a bit of DIY with my hair, mostly because I dislike the extended hours you spend in salons. I have found that natural hair is better suited to my DIY attitude than relaxed hair was for me. It makes me feel authentic.

Do you have any fave hairstyles?
I love wearing my hair the way I do because it fits my own image of me. I typically wear afros of all types. Chunky afros with wild shapes, shrunken small afros, textured afros from bantu knots, twist-outs and braid outs. I love texture and shape which is one the reasons you will hardly find me in twists or braids for too long.

Products and regimen: Tell us about that
When it comes to products and regimen, I am pretty basic. My routine differs only slightly from when I had relaxed hair:

1) I wash and condition my hair about 1-2 times a week. I find I prefer this schedule for my problematic scalp. It is frequent enough to give my scalp relief without making my hair feel dry.
2) Use a leave in conditioner, oil and gel and braid or twist it up to set. 
3) I prefer to air dry but I sometimes use my hooded dryer to get me out of the house quickly.

My two favourite or essential products are:
1) Giovanni Direct leave in – A creamy leave in that gives lasting moisture and makes detangling a breeze
2) PhytoKarite Hair Masque – A thick shea butter based deep conditioner that restores moisture and protein balance to my hair

Honourable mentions : Argan oil and Jojoba oil for shine 

Where can readers find you on the social network?
Twitter : KimProbabli

Tell us about your blog
Bajan Beauty Blog is my little corner of the world where I discuss fashion, beauty & makeup and, hair. It’s also a way for me to find people with common interests like the Naturaleza Chronicles. I started it as a resource for products that I have encountered and on which I really wanted to share my perspective. It has since expanded to include some other lifestyle topics.

I enjoy doing reviews on skincare, makeup, fashion and sharing a little bit of my life with the world. There is a strong emphasis on my island home of Barbados because that is where I live.
Words of advice
1) Be sure that natural is what you want.
2) Plug in to the internet for as much information as you need. I suggest searching the blogs and the hair forums, facebook. There are so many resources available to you.
3) Create a folder of hair inspirations, this will help you keep your own goal in mind.
4) Transition for as long or as short as you would like, but at every stage be prepared and do your research.



  1. Bajanbeautyblogger4 February 2012 at 06:59

    love it :)

  2. This is beautiful, I personally like the natural beauty look. Just pure beauty!!!

  3. @0eebde43e86c253408164a627c78031c My pleasure!

  4. bajanbeautyblogger1 June 2012 at 06:10

    Hey :) Bajan Beauty blogger has moved to bajanbeautyblogger.wordpress.com. Check us out :) We're now 2 naturals blogging beauty in Barbados :)

  5. Thanks, Kim @Bajanbeautyblogger . I have transferred my link/feed to still get your updates on the blog, etc. I got you covered :) LOL! I want to actually post your first video so will get cracking.


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