27 January 2011

Pressing on... :) Isn't it Month 4, already!?

Loc update. So, been to get a quick re-loc. Nola is pleased with my progress and the budding that is going on. So am I   :o)


  1. looks really nice! coming along great :)


  2. nice nice!.....gonna be shaking the locs in no time :D lol

  3. Gracias, mis corazones.
    And to answer Sherika's other question about the headband, check PeeJays. Do know where I mean? Behind Cave Shepherd, right next to Fashionation.
    They had quite a couple different designs. But they had this one for $10! No thank you! She sold me for $5....sshhhhh! Don't tell anyone! LOL! LOL!
    If you should come across anywhere else that has nice ones let me know. I heard Moods & Options and Woolworth had. But when I checked, what they have left say nothing right now.

  4. I can see the budding!! Your locs are looking good!


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