28 June 2011

BLOG RANT: Why do you blog?

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That is one of the questions I've met with since I started this blog in December 2010. Worst yet, at least in some people's mind, is the fact that it is about hair, health, my country...ME! 

So to aid those who still wonder. This one's for you!   :)

I blog because it gives me a voice. However small it may be among the giant oaks in the forest, it gives me an outlet where in other fora I might be silenced. Having this outlet has allowed me to share my loc chronicles. To share a small part of my life, my country, my ideas. It has kept the fire burning as I continue to loc my hair. Something I did not have the first time around. This inspires me, encourages me. It educates me. Do you know that I've taught myself how to edit HTML? Necessity is the Mother of invention!

I see blogging as more than just adding to the plethora of sites or other blogs out there. Each blogger, YTuber, web master is an INDIVIDUAL. UNIQUE. Our topics may crisscross somewhat but our experiences will not all be the same. We come from various family histories, schools, countries, socio-economic backgrounds. We cannot be the same in every single way. So people will chronicle their story.

Blogging is a free tool! It's free! 

I blog because I am a creative being with ideas that I like to see being birthed. Writing is a part of the process and so is research. Two things that I have been exposed to long before::Naturaleza::. Sadly, my career path has not been that which I have longed to do. But the researcher in me is alive. Why should it be silenced? Blogging gives me freedom, hope and yes, pride in my work. 

Blogging has allowed me to network and make acquaintances and friends with people. Who would have thought? Seeing these same people write or blog or whatever you care to call it about their day, their lives, their experiences, shows me that not all humanity is egotistical, shallow and bereft of care and emotion. When we blog, we make ourselves a little more vulnerable. Why? We open ourselves to the reader who comes by. But if in that small period of vulnerability I help 1 person, I'm happy.

Blogging has become a passion for me. Until I can find nothing left to say, for whatever reason that getup and go just gets up and leaves me, bring me my laptop...I WILL BLOG!


  1. As our students say hey hey hey!! Loud commotion and rapping hands furiously on desk!

  2. Of course, I now have to find out if this is student or teacher.

  3. That's right girl! Keep doing what you do!

  4. Big hugs, Sis!
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  5. Iameatingright29 June 2011 at 00:11

    Awesome blog, Tasha!!! If you weren't blogging we wouldn't have 'met' and I do consider you a friend :) You better not stop!

  6. Afropean Queen29 June 2011 at 03:00

    Very Beautifully said Twin!!!!!!! I feel you totally especially about the research bit. Shoot, if only I worked this hard when I was in high school!!!!!!! 'I could've been somebody' !!!!!!

  7. Nope! Not now at least! It's way more fun hanging with you all.

    You're my friend, for what I hope will be eternity and a day! Thanks, Kareen.
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  8. And if I never blogged, I never would have met my Twin! Lol! Lol!

    Oh behave! I've learnt so much about natural hair products from you! You have a such a determination!
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  9. Afropean Queen29 June 2011 at 14:50

    well, as my twin, you are living my fantasy with your loc's darhlingggg lol. Ohhhh I think my head just swelled up from the compliments (a big Thank You) lol lol. Anyways, Keep doing what you doing sista twin. You inspire, you teach and you learn. 


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