22 January 2012

Product Review ~ Bronner Brothers Tropical Roots Twist Cream

This post has been long in coming. Due to some technical issues, I was unable to retrieve the photos from my camera. I hesitated somewhat but I will still post this review. I just think it is the right thing to do. I trust you will find it informative. 

Thank you, everyone! 

This product review will be slightly different. I personally did not use this product as I felt it best to be used by women with natural kinky hair, free flowing natural kinky hair. So the majority of the samples I received I distributed between some of my colleagues and I kept a bit to use on my daughter's hair. So these comments are based on these 3 experiences.

Similar to the Stimulating Growth Oil, the BB company has marketed this product as one for people with all natural hair. It goes on to state that "...[this product is good for] braids, locs and twists, promotes healthy growth, no build up, lasting hold with no flaking, no dyes or artificial color."

And as before, the directions are quite easy to follow. And I will add, that this fact might help to persuade an indecisive customer to purchase this product. Why? Let's say you knew nothing about the process behind twisting your natural hair, this step-by-step method may very well be the icing on the cake for someone. It's clear and easy to follow.

The manufacturers have also suggested that the product be used on damp hair but this is a suggestion I did not follow as you will soon see.

Remember what I said about desiring to be a purist and the difficulty in finding all natural products? Well, this is one. Here is a list of some of the agents and I will let you decide:
Water, Petroleum, Beeswax, Castor Seed Oil, Copolymers (AMP-Arclates/Allyl Methacrylate - for which there is no direct link to allergies nor cancer), Paraffinum Liquidum (another name for Mineral Oil). 

Length of use
Both Petra and Dion have used this product for over a month, with Petra's use being more consistent and for a longer time period.
My daughter - 3 weeks

Other details
I found the smell of the cream to be very nice, not too over-powering. Initially, I did not like its grainy texture but soon found that it did not stop the cream from being worked smoothly into the hair. 

In the case of my daughter' hair, I did not want to use it on her damp her. As she is just 3, I prefer to dry her hair thoroughly first and then style. The cream left her hair really soft and smelling nice. Days after being use, I always check it to see if the cream left a sticky touch or a dull film and it never has. And for that I was happy :) 

Guest reviewers
This product really gained much love from Petra and Dion as they used it on a consistent basis.
This is a picture of Pet's hair.

She spoke highly of smell of the cream. It is truly a nice fruity smell. She also made mention of the consistency of the product, how easy it was to apply on the damp hair and to twist. But, Petra seemed most happy with the cream's curl definition 'power'. Pet's hair is quite thick, VERY thick and even I could see how much stretch she gained from using the product. 

Although I do not have any photos for Dion, she spoke of the ease with which she applied the cream to her hair. She, too, liked the cream's scent!

For more information: www.mytropicalroots.com
There you will find FB and Twitter info.

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