26 March 2011

Celebrate good times, come on!

What time is it?

V A C A T I O N!

Time for much needed rest and relaxation! Over the next two weeks, I'm going to showcase my island home here on journeytonappy. So stay tuned for photos and posts on things 'Barbadiana'!

But first...gotta say this. I'm aware of and do employ 'label reading' for food items. But, since my eyes have become opened to the 'natural' side re:hair, I've found myself looking at the contents of soaps, shower/bath gels, hand and body lotions, and other products.  So much to do (uh...try!!!). 

So, guess what? I did a wee, teensy haul! (o:  Just thought I'd share and give this one to my cuz' by adoption - Therese. You are Ms Natural to me...thanks for the inspiration and the love!

 KISS MY FACE Pomegranate Acai Moisture Soap
  • Pearlish-white in appearance
  • Mild but fruity scent
  • Leaves hands soft and very moisturized
  • Contains other ingredients such as Chamomile Flower extract, Olive fruit oil, Lavender extract, Sage flower extract and Aloe Vera extract [essential oils]
  • Not tested on animals, no harsh chemicals

So, stop by their site!

Apologies for blurred image.


According to the company,  this product is
  • Made from natural anti-bacterial fibres
  • And, will aid in unclogging skin's pores

  • Yesterday, it did leave my face a little dry, but not so taut that it felt uncomfortable. Much better today though and I got a chance to use the Complexion Towel with it, too!
  • According to the manufacturer the soap contains: oats, palm  and coconut oils.

Locally, you can check Jenn's Health and Beauty Supplies.

Enough to keep me throughout the vacation, yes?!
See you guys and gals soon!

Ta ta!


  1. Happy vacation! I'm looking forward to your pics of Barbados. I probably mentioned before that my hubby was born there.

    Thanks for highlighting the benefits of label reading on all products. It can be overwhelming but knowledge is power!

  2.  I need to get that oatmeal soap! the neutrogena and i have not been working out....how much was it? and i have some left over bentonite clay and acv...but that takes FOREVER

  3. Chica, no! I am not sure. I will prob need to do a follow-up post. About 3 weeks into use, my skin broke out, my face. I think it was too harsh. My neck was ok, nothing happened there. I recommend taking a look at something else. Go to: nubianheritage.com. I will purchase later this month. So maybe we can do that together. What do you think? The Neutrogena does not work anymore for me either. I have tried a product by Artistry, a Microdermabrasion system. It works, Kim but it is pricey. Let me know.


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