16 April 2012

Natural vacation: 6 weeks and no retwisting

Hi everyone!

My vacation has all but come to an end. And I must say it was restful for the most part. My family experienced some challenges during that two week period but we continue to be blessed. Thank you, Father!

My best friend said to me yesterday, "I can't see your parts. Someone is due a reloc and tomorrow is your first day back to work." You know, she's right! I can't see my parts as clearly. I am approaching 6 solid weeks of no retwisting whatsoever and I don't feel the urge to get my hair done. I have been  oiling using my concoction of Castor, Grapeseed and Jojoba oils. And when that is not a must for me, I simply spritz with water. 

This is where I think about one of the differences between having relaxed hair and natural hair. By the first sign new growth, at least 4-6 weeks after my relaxer, I'd been thinking about booking my next appointment at the salon as I never quite liked having too much new growth being seen. I had to treat that line of demarcation with the utmost care. The line of demarcation is where new natural hair growth meets relaxed hair. It's that weak point where breaking might occur. 
A week and a half ago
Currently, I brush my hair and that's it. I have been wearing bands, similar to the yellow one I posted sometime recently or, pining back the front with bobby pins. 

As I whisper, "8 weeks" to myself, I'm satisfied with having gone this far and I may just reloc this weekend or maybe next week. 
Last week Friday
Pulling apart the locs at the middle and back especially has been of importance though. 
Last week Friday
I sleep on my back sometimes and I have been realizing that those locs are becoming matted very quickly. There are many loose hairs behind there, too; but that is to be expected seeing that hair continues to grow that will have to be retwisted. Then they will begin their own matting process.
Last week Friday
Do you see my loc coil?
So until next time,

Ta Ta ;)

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