13 March 2011

Part 3: Selecting and mixing the right Essential oils - The Buzz goes on...

I am truly encouraged by the feedback that I have been receiving not just for the posts on Essential oils etc, but on the Blog as a whole. Thanks so much! 

Remember we are here to help each other by sharing what information we have at our disposal...dare I say, one positive way to use the Internet. And this blog has definitely been a way for me to do just that.

ESSENTIAL OILS - only for our hair?
No! Essential oils are useful in aromatherapy, the making of perfumes and soaps!

In this Buzz report, I owe much to From Nature with Love. What a website! This site was very useful when it comes to mixing and pairing the right oils. It even gives recipes if you are interested in doing your own soaps, balms, etc. Its online library can point you in the direction if you have any questions on topics such as product storage, aromatherapy and essential oil.  If you are aware of your particular scalp and hair condition, selecting and mixing the right oils would be no problem as we have lots of information about the properties of several Essential oils.

So here goes :o)

It is first important to use a Carrier oil in your equation.

  • What is it? - A carrier oil (also termed "fixed oil") is derived from the fatty portion of plants - their seeds, kernels and the like. And, they contain fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. That is why many are effective in healing scars, irritated scalps and even psoriasis. They are so heavily concentrated that they need to be first diluted. Hence, why persons will mix it with an essential oil. Some are not as aromatic as essential oils and organic carrier oils tend to be more expensive than their conventional cousins.

  • Examples? - Here are just a few:-
      • Olive oil: Strengthens and nourishes hair, good for frizzy hair
      •  Rosemary oil: Stimulates hair follicles and promotes growth
      • Jojoba oil: May be used if your hair is dry and needs moisturizing
  • How to choose? - First, educate yourself about some of the basic information of the Carrier oil you may be interested in. 
Are you ready to start your concoction?   :o)
If this is your first time, you might want to start with only 2 or 3 Essential oils at a time. And remember, that even these oils may have an adverse effect on your hair and scalp.  Many natural hair specialists advise that you do not abuse or overuse these oils. So, please be cautious with the amount of drops you use in your mixture and take note of any changes (dryness, itchy scalp) so that you will be better able to eliminate the culprit over time. 
  • a small dark glass bottle with a dropper or pipette  (dark glass keeps most light rays away from product)
  • a ceramic bowl to mix the oils 

Also, for many persons it may not be possible to find a small dark glass bottle in which to store your oil. And honestly, I don't think it will harm if it is stored in the small plastic funnel-tipped applicator bottles.

The fun part (o;
Here are some combinations:-

CLARY SAGE - said to be good for hair growth and improves hair's manageability
combines well with
CHAMOMILE - to cure dandruff
YLANG YLANG - to help with oily hair which also causes dandruff

TEA TREE OIL - known to soothe itchy scalp
combines well with
PEPPERMINT - stimulates hair growth, smells great and the tingly feeling is wonderful
LAVENDER  - smells great and relieves itchy scalp

But, remember the key here is to:              KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Until next time!   (o;

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