24 April 2011

Loc update ~ Month 7

Ok, ok! So it is not Month 7 just yet, and will not be for at least another week (May 2) but here are some photos of my wash and reloc using my new product. I decided to try something differently this time around. Click here for more details!

*I apologize for the quality of some of the photos.

Gracias a todos por el apoyo y el amor que me han dado. Los aprecio. Este camino no ha sido fácil cada día pero, estoy aprendiendo muchas cosas que me causan a pensar en como puedo mejorarme y mejorar las vidas de mi familia y mis amigos. Me encanta! Y sin la menor duda va a continuar siendo una experiencia maravillosa.

Besos mis corazones,

Naturaleza (o;


  1. NICEEEEEEEEEEEE Tasha :) I kno how u feel girl, I had start to get excited when I was seeing actual progress lol I hate the waiting game!

  2. Your hair looks great! Did you style it yourself?

  3. Thanks. No, I cannot do anything so fancy as yet!

  4. Thank you, Krys! Takes alot of patience.

  5. awwww.....ur locs are looking nice iTasha! :) :).....Keep it up!

  6. Really like the style!

  7. Thanks, Kareen! It has lasted long 'cos this has been two weeks I've had it pinned up. Usually by day three or so it would have been out! Trying to keep my hands out of my hair and just let it do its thing without my interference /:


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