9 May 2011

~Coming Soon!~ Health Naturally!

Source madamenoire.com

In Barbados, we have a saying which goes something like this: you are what you eat. In other words, what you choose to put into your mouth will have impact your health, your lifestyle, your skin; and yes, even your hair. 

This brief but informative series will give just a taste of what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And, by extension be truly informed and confident in ourselves that these choices will also nourish our hair, skin, minds, liver, cleanse and detox, rejuvenate our haggard bodies and just enhance this life that we live. We only have one chance, one life to live, so let's make the most of it.
I, along with Registered Dietitian and naturalista Kareen (blogger of Loczurious and iameatingright) will take you through this discussion on what it means to eat right and reap sweet rewards.

We welcome your comments and queries. And, we hope you enjoy reading and practicing what you have found here.


  1. SOunds like a great series! Looking forward to seeing your collaborations!

  2. Thanks so much, Kim! We appreciate that so much. It has been a great experience.


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