19 June 2011

Product Review ~ Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Soap

According to the company's website, Nubian Heritage brand has risen from very humble beginnings to what can only be described as an enviable position in terms of their retailing, their manufacturing plant and the production process as a whole. It pushes an all natural, organic approach when it comes to its products:
  • it does not engage in animal testing
  • it sources and purchases ingredients directly from African farmers and women cooperatives
  • the company supports the view too that whatever we put into or onto our skin is quickly absorbed. Therefore, why put harmful chemicals in their products if they will potentially affect consumers? To this end, their products do not contain harmful ingredients.
Nubian Heritage has also established itself as a philanthropic organization, working to build schools in Liberia and other African states to ensure that impoverished young girls have access to education. If you remember, in an earlier post on Shea Butter, it highlighted the fact  that much of the process of producing Shea Butter is done by WOMEN!

The Nubian Heritage collection of products includes: 
  • soaps, body washes and body mists, body butters and lotions and, hand creams.
These offerings come in some of the most amazing combinations, some of which I've had the pleasure of merely sampling through the nostrils! Each ingredient bringing its own benefit to your skin and body, I'm sure. Some of these combos are: 
  • Goat's milk and Chai, Honey and Black Seed oil, Coconut and Papaya, Carrot and Pomegranate
Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Soap with Frankincense and Myrrh 
The product which I tried was the Raw Shea Butter bar soap. It was recommended as a treatment for acne-prone skin; case in point, my face.

Description: This product targets males and females who might be dealing with eczema, dry skin or psoriasis. 

Ingredients: Raw Shea butter, Soy milk, Frankincense, Myrrh, 
Vitamin E
Frankincense: known for toning aging skin
Myrrh: remedy for chapped or dry skin
Shea butter: nourishes and moisturizes the skin
Soy milk: said to contain amino acids, soy lipids and other substances which allow for rapid regeneration which leads to skin repair and rejuvenation. Soy lipids are high in Vitamin E
Vitamin E: in this case, possibly a derivative of the soy lipids as stated above; the lipids also allow for a quick healing process to damaged skin

Length of use: 1 month

Price: $10

Observations: The soap has a spicy aroma and reminded me of a man's cologne. It was not offensive, and after some time I got used to it. The picture above gives the soap an almost brown-green hue. My bar was more olive green.

I used the soap initially on my face. Later, I included my neck and shoulders. The lather was rich enough (and this I liked) and maybe that was why it lasted so long as it did not have to re-lather extensively. I used it twice a day. 

Now, down to the nitty-gritty. And here is where I am indecisive on whether to purchase the exact soap, try a different soap in the line or abandon the brand all together. I have subsequently had a very mild breakout, only affecting the right cheek. And quite frankly, I have not seen any real change in the appearance of the blemishes. The left cheek possibly has the more significant change of the two; in that the appearance of the black heads seems a bit diminished, not as pronounced as before. 

So keeping in mind other factors which we as women are prone to doing, such as putting our hands on our faces especially if they are not clean might irritate an already sensitive area; menstrual cycle, environmental factors, clean pillowcases, change in diet and the list could go on. I have eliminated some of these things and still I draw blanks. *Smile*

After washing and patting dry my face, the skin does not feel taught which is great. Nor did it feel extra dry, also a plus and that is probably due to the moisturizing agents in the soap. Maybe I was expecting the blemishes to fade much much more than they did. I do not see any marked difference up nor down. So, if nothing else, I have not come out of this experience any worse than when I started.  There are a few pictures to the end of the review.

I do not like to feel dubious about a product. I have read reviews of the same product where reviewers allege that it was a revelation for them. I just don't feel that way right now. And you know, I should probably be more patient, go for longer use. So, that factor would actually influence my decision.

Don't get me wrong though. I'm very much open to trying the body butters, lotions and mists. And what I like generally about the Nubian Heritage company is its emphasis on keeping their products organic and free of harmful ingredients. Second appreciation would definitely have to be their charitable arm, the company's willingness to ensure that young people are being educated and on their way to living productive lives!

Decision: Uncertain...only for now.

If you have used this very same product, how was your experience?

BEFORE USE                                                                                 AFTER USE
right cheek

right cheek

left cheek


left cheek


  1. I can see slight changes on the right...but the changes are more obvious on the left. I'm familiar with this brand and used it religiously while living in NYC. These types of products are not short-term solutions but they are long-term solutions and are more effectively when there is a change in diet. I have purchased their raw shea butter for blemishes and I am starting to notice a slight change but it will probably be more effective through consistent use. You might want to try incorporating more water into your diet and probably cut down on any unncecessary sugar...that tends to help the process along....I'm no expert on this but I found that it worked for me quite well.. But the long and short story as it relates to these products is that any natural project takes longer than mainstream drugs...

  2. Thanks so much, Sheens. I was onto a change in diet as is. And you made a valid point about long-term usage, that is why I'm more inclined to continue the line especially seeing that I will be holidays and continuing to mind what I am eating, etc. And of course, starting to train again. My efforts can be more devoted. Thanks so much for the motivation!

  3. hmm..I haven't used mine as yet..still hesitant after reading this knowing how sensitive my skin is....hmmm but i think i have used this before and I liked the feeling it left--but I didn't let it touch my face---i use these products for my neck--legs etc---but having the type of skin i have i keep the maintenance LOW--also i found that my increase in water help

  4. No, no! Don't let my review be a deterrent. We all have different skin types don't forget. I am going to try again anyways with the same soap for another month.

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