25 June 2011

Summer hair ~ PART II: Maintenance

Living in the tropics, I am well aware of the damaging effect that the sun's rays, salt water and other environmental factors can have on my hair. And in some respects, the issues I may face go beyond summertime; and, many of you might also be able to testify to the same. It seems to me, especially since having natural hair that moisturizing my hair is an integral component for growing healthy locs. But, of course, it does not pay to go overboard either.  

Now my summer regimen will be slightly different from that which I currently do and from what you may do. It will be a slight departure from my reloc routine every 4 weeks as I'm on the Freeform Loc Challenge hosted by Brittany of the Loc Rocker. So for as long as I can hold on to my goal of two months, there will be no re-locking for my darling dreads. 

But, I still think the basics will suffice in any situation. Let's get it! Click the link below to read on!

I am not a guru on the science of colouring hair, but having worn several shades of red and brown when my tresses were relaxed, I do know that it altered the texture/shade of hair. My hair has never returned to the exact shade of black I remember it to be before I started. Actually one time after having my hair permed - I had highlights done about 2 relaxers earlier - it came out so dark it looked green! I'm not kidding! It was disturbing at first. But I slowly got used to my very black-green short bob.

Maintaining colour-treated hair is important at any time of year. The demands placed on people with colour-treated natural hair during summertime are greater; in that, we ought to condition more and use products which aim at improving moisture retention. Yes the sun beats down on our hair. And it would seem that in summer in their aim to look even hotter (as if that were possible) the flat iron is the go-to tool for some ladies. Just remember to love and treat your crown well.

Cover it up!
As I mentioned in PART I, some might find it more preventative to cover their hair with a scarf or hat when going outdoors. You can kill two birds with one stone: it's functional and stylish. What do you think?

Wash. Condition. Moisturize: still important
During summer it is difficult not to notice how much more we perspire. When working around the home or simply doing everyday tasks it is as if our bodies are immersed in litres of water, with clothes on and all. As we perspire, our sebaceous glands produce extra oils which tend to have a sometimes 'smelly' effect on our hair. This, mixed with the oils, hair butters and daily cremes lead to gunk and build up on the scalp and hair. 

As a result, you will have to wash and condition your hair when necessary. You can check out  if using a clarifying shampoo would be something appropriate for you. Clarifying shampoos remove things such as the deposits of gunk, chlorine/chemicals from your splash in the pool and to restore shine to your hair. But, I've also read that after shampooing, using a leave-in conditioner and following up with your choice of moisturizer is just as good.

Generally, a conditioner is meant to restore moisture to dry hair. For more on deep conditioning tips: MG.com

One of the best ways to seal in moisture in natural hair is using natural oils, inter alia - jojoba, ylang-ylang, olive, rosemary. These natural oils add shine, and deposit vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants onto the hair shaft and scalp. Adding these oils overnight and tying your hair down may act as a treatment of sorts. Or, try a mixture of vegetable glycerin and rosewater. Glycerin is a good moisturizer for skin and hair. It strengthens the hair as well and cuts down on breakage and split ends. Rosewater has a light smell, it cleans the scalp and moisturizes the hair, too. 

One recurring factor is...
WATER! Wash, co-wash, cleanse, condition. Water is needed in these functions. Water, to my mind, is the best moisturizer you could possibly want. In the shower some mornings, I don't bother to wear a cap. If my hair gets wet it's amazing how nice and silky and more vibrant my locs look. In fact the steam alone seems to leave my hair feeling much softer. Another thing I do is after showering I run my wet hands all over my hair, not to soak but lightly dampen the locs.Try it! Spritz it on your hair if you wish. 

One of the first naturalistas featured on this blog, Dionne, wore her hair in a really nice protective style last week (sorry I did not take photos). She shared something interesting. We were talking and she said that the style felt just a bit too tight. She said that the following day she was going to spritz some plain water on her hair to loosen the tension. She has found that that solution works for her. Of course, I was in amazement! I had never heard of that before.

And, if you remember in PART I of the Series Health Naturally, here on .::Naturaleza::. Registered Dietician, Kareen Turner spoke to the positive change that you would see when water is part of your everyday intake. And in summertime, what better way than to quench our thirst than grabbing a nice cool drink of water!

So, here's to summer!
The ways that are mentioned here are just a few of things you might wish to consider. If you have another regimen, I'd like to hear of it. Leave a comment in the box below.

Summertime brings out even more of the girlie girl in me. I have always loved summer! Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy yours! Nappy hair and all! 

Besos, mis corazones!


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  1. sigh...it's going to be a rough summer

  2. No, no! Chin up!
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