12 July 2011

Where am I?

I am due to return home to Barbados on Saturday after my short working holiday in the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

My fellow colleagues and I are all staying in the Trinidad Hilton, not far from the main activity in Port-of-Spain. I had a great time, hard work and all! 

These first shots are from a lookout point not far from the Hilton. The lookout gives a spectacular view of Port-of-Spain and beyond. 

Some of my friends and I hanging out in the hotel lobby before we boarded a taxi to Trincity - A popular mall in T&T.

Brian Lara's Residence

Needless to say my legs made a b-line to this nifty spot in Trincity Mall! It's called 'Oh Fudge'

This spot was my fav of all! It's a very unique idea - a food stop at the lookout point I mentioned earlier. It sells all sorts of yummy (and spicy) Trini goodies. Things like pholourie, pickled steppers, golden apples and cherries and so much more. 

It's not my first trip to Trinidad but it has definitely been my favourite of all!


  1. Afro-pean Queen13 July 2011 at 03:14

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh green with Envy!!!!! Good thing, that colour suits me lol. But looks very lovely. Me likes working holidays!!!!!! Enjoy it sista-twin. Just an observation, but I gather, you are forever smiling?!!!!!! 

  2. Thanks, Sis! I'm enjoying it, even with work to be done. LOL!
    Yeah it does seem that way, huh?! Let's say I tend to...alot. That is something else we share in common, too, 'cos most of your shots you are either smirking or showing a cute smile.


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