15 July 2011

A mini-haul

I was hunting for some bargains here in Trinidad. I found nothing drop dead spectacular. Once I took the Bds$ to TT$ exchange rate into consideration, some things were not necessarily a bargain. The quality, style and merchandise are about the same for the items I like to buy at home in Barbados. So, I opted not to make purchases.

What I got:
I am not a platform shoe lover but I decided to go out of my zone and just try something different. They are very simple style-wise, just over US$20 from a Payless here in Trinidad. The bangle I bought is from Wonderful World. This store reminds me of Claire's, actually. I had been looking for a while for a red and black combo so I snapped this up for around US$7.


  1. Afro-pean Queen16 July 2011 at 05:43

    Ahhhh Twin, a girl after my own heart!!!!!! Those shoes are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! As is the bangle. But those shoes........ 

  2. The bangle is nice indeed. The shoes now have to be broken in though, but that's what summer is for :o)

  3. Iameatingright16 July 2011 at 21:00

    Love the shoes!! Platforms are the way to go :)

  4. Thanks. But the next time I do peep toe I will remember to do one with a wider opening, these pinch my toes just a bit. The larger size was way too big, they fell off my feet, so I had to get the W width which is something that usually does not happen. So, they need to be broken in. As with most shoes.

  5. hmmm soo the "things r cheaper in Trini" is untrue? love the haul tho :)

  6. Considering the exchange rate (3:1), buying somethings made no sense. Seeing this was my first year, if I do sign on next year, I will know where to go and how to move ;o)


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