1 September 2011

Summer hair and some updates

Hi, fam! I have missed you! But my hiatus is finally over. My vacation was wonderful, restful. I needed it. It's now back to my full-time job and cranking out blogs!

Needed a reloc ~ July
Tomorrow (Sept 2) will mark my 10 month loc'd anniversary! Woot, Woot! I am getting closer to that 1 year mark. Nothing much has been happening and being on vacation I just let my hair do it's own thing. Even going through the fuzzies and wondering when will every single loc be fully sealed. Alas, time time time. It will all happen on it's own.


Aug 25 ~ Most recent reloc
I have some pics to show you. Not all will showcase my hair, per se. But, I am still hoping they are clear enough for you to see the growth and the style.
Friends and I ready for Rhianna's
LOUD Concert in her/our home country!
Aug. 5

Aug 24 ~ In need of a reloc

Aug 24 ~ After adding flower
What a difference it made!

Aug 28 ~ Family picnic


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  1. You look great and your locs are longer!


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