12 October 2011

Product Review ~ Bronner Brothers Tropical Roots Stimulating Growth Oil

From the get go, I must give props to Ms Mann of the BB company for reaching out to me and asking if I'd be interested in doing a review of the Tropical Roots line. As I have said before, having this blog was meant to be an outline to chart the growth of my locs this second time around and to hopefully inspire others who were lost like I was. But, the game was stepped up when this happened. But that is the content of another blog post :) So thanks, Dyci!

So onto the review!
I really, really like this product! I had been using Soft and Beautiful's 3-n-1 Botanical oil spray as my go to spray for months now. But, since having tried the BB Tropical Roots Stimulating Growth Oil, I know that I will not be going back to it! The company promotes this product one for "...ALL natural hairstyles." So therefore, it's not just for locs but for ladies who do twist-outs, wash n go styles and the like. The back of the bottle goes on to state that "...[it] maintains locks and twists keeping the hair frizz free with a natural luster. Tropical Roots is filled with agents that promote growth and healthy hair." And the agents are there indeed!

Ingredients: Just a few highlights

  • Pineapple and Guava are the first two mentioned.
  • Castor Oil - helps increase hair growth, adds shine and body
  • Sweet Almond Oil - it's claimed that this carrier oil was used by the Egyptians of centuries ago to keep their hair looking luxurious. It is used to promote hair growth and apparently when mixed with Castor oil, can aid in preventing hair loss. 
  • Slippery Elm bark- It is suggested that this product aids in soothing psoriasis. 
  • Chamomile is also an ingredient
  • Canola Oil - No, we are not cooking our hair! Canola oil is high in protein and penetrates the hair shaft to repair damaged cells and the oil works at sealing any broken ends of hair.
Details: 8 fl. oz bottle. For all you Barbadian readers, I saw the entire line at the new express ShopSmart in Worthing, retailing for about $10.

Length of use: Just over 2 months

Observations: Something that is so cool about his product is the instructions section. Each of the products has a clear, step-by-step method on how to apply it. 

Next, I have been really trying my best to be a purist when it comes to skin and hair care products. It does not always work that way. So, I have had to start a routine where, if the ingredient/agent list of a product includes 90% herbal, natural products; and, one or two of the ingredients I have on my 'do not use' list, I will not feel as bad using it. It's not easy finding 100% natural hair or skin care products in Barbados. 

Needless to say, how pleased I was to see the effort made by this company to make a product were the vast majority of the ingredients are NATURAL products. In other words, it goes beyond saying it on the label and having nothing plausible to back it up with. That makes me upset. 

The 'stimulating' tingle must not be forgotten either. You can most definitely feel a slight tingle once the oil settles and starts to do its job.

In addition, I love the smell of the oil. It is very light on the senses. Fruity. I took it to work one day and had a male friend of mine with locs try it. He, too, liked the scent. I also appreciate the fact that it is not heavy and 'oily'. That had been my issue with the Soft and Beautiful which was too heavy on my hair. This oil has hardly stained my pillowcases and that is something I like as well. But being light does not mean that you have to use alot. When my locs are not pinned up, I would spritz about 2-3 times in the palm of hand and rub into my scalp and onto the locs. I do however spray the oil directly onto my temple areas and hairline, then rub it in. For a pinup style, I simply spray my hairline and a give a light mist onto the do and tie my locs so it has a chance to seep into the hair and moisturize it. 

Decision: It's a keeper for me! I use this product almost everyday and it's definitely one that I'd use again. I like how my locs feel and how healthy they look. Could it be as a result of this product? Maybe. I have also noticed that I don't have much of a itchy scalp issue like I did before. Actually, I spray a little on my pumpkin's hair after it is washed and dried. And even on days when her cornrows are beginning to look fuzzy. I would usually tie her hair down after doing so, too.

So, YES! I will use it until the bottle is ALL GONE  :) 

For more information: www.mytropicalroots.com
There you will find FB and Twitter info.


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  2. " Oct 12, 2011 – But, since having tried the BB Tropical Roots Stimulating Growth Oil, I know that I will not be going back to it!"This is what I saw when I Googled BB Tropical Roots.  This little blurb that they show makes it look like yours is a negative review of the product...I had to click on the link to see that you would "not be going back" to a different product.  I don't know if you can do anything about what Google shows, but if you can...um, you might want to.I saw this product line in a sales ad for a local beauty supply store.  After reading your ENTIRE review, I think I will engage my product junkyism and try this growth oil.  Have you tried any of the other products?  I'm also considering the twist cream.

  3. Thank you for reading the review in its entirety and for deciding to comment. I am not sure if I can tweak what Google displays, but I will look into it. It is always important to read reviews through to the end. Yes, I have tried other products in this line: the Locking Gel and the Firm Locking Gel; the Shampoo Spray; and, the Twist Cream but on my daughter's hair. There are reviews on each of those products, so please take a look!!

    Thank you, keep checking back and giving us your feedback.


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