5 October 2011

Naturalista inspiration ~ Verse and style

This image has been on the WWW for quite sometime now. I first saw it last year and thought about the truth behind the words. Black women. We come in all shapes, sizes, classes, skin tones, heights, hair textures, eye colour, nationalities, physical definitions. I can go on and on...
But, WE ARE black women! That is something we cannot change.

Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror? 
Do you truly appreciate who you are?
Why would you want to change the detail of the blueprint God gave you?

The essence of self...

I enjoy being me! Embracing all my attributes, quirkiness, imperfections, the positive qualities and working on the negatives!

Honestly, the essence of who I am...I wouldn't wish it any other way either!


  1. I love this photo! Growing to love my body, features, hair was hard in highschool but I embraced it all in university and haven't looked back. 

  2. Hiya, LaCharmine! Thanks for your post!

    We all have concepts of what 'beauty' or 'good' looks like. I try not to take people to task on these ideas as it's not my place to. I am sure others would do the same to me for what I find as beauty ;O)

    In my case, I come from a big family of varying sizes of hips, derriere and breasts so I know I can safely say those ideals of no ab flab don't resonate with me.

    Beauty is more than skin deep...at least for me. One's 'heart condition' is more important than the exterior.

  3. Amen!
    I wish more would do this.

    Thanks, Kareen!


    We all have concepts of what 'beauty' or 'good' looks like. I try not to take people to task on these ideas as it's not my place to. I am sure others would do the same to me for what I find as beauty  ;O)  

    I have always had a hard time embracing my breasts. But, you know what? They are there on my chest, they are mine created by the Master and I will take care of them. I can't wish them away so why hold onto this 'negative' that I perceive? Then, there are those who say "My breasts are too small. I wish they were a D/DD like yours!"  
    So you see, it's just a cycle. So why get caught up in it? That thing you lament on, someone appreciates. 

    I have proven for myself that learning to love who we see physically, although important, is not all there is. We ought to be just as concerned with who lives inside, the other values that make us 'right' people.  I see some of the most beautiful young women - the exterior - display some of the foulest attitudes. What is on the inside comes out!

    Head up! Live your best life!

  5. I love the way God made me but being such a petite woman I would have liked to be a few inches taller. I still fuss each time I have to reach for something on a higher shelf in my closet!Thankfully my hubby is 6'5 and he can get those hard to reach items when he's around and save me from jumping to reach some things (something I do when I am too lazy to climb on a stool). I also get slightly irritated that He did not make me a few inches taller when I can't find pants exactly my length! Seriously a few inches taller would have been perfect.Apart from that I am grateful for being just the way I am!

  6. I really am now beginning to appreciate my features but honestly growing up and not being slim or fitting into more Eurocentric features I have had it hard...so it is good that finally we know better and are trying to do better..finally.

  7. Lol! I guess maybe there is a thing or two we wish we could alter :) 

  8. Personally, I would like to see more women embrace ALL of their curves. Especially the curves NOT in the right places(i.e. abdomen). Notice when  see pics of full-figure women, the only ones showcased are those WITHOUT any ab flab.. What's up with that?


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