8 January 2012

Are you living with P A S S I O N?

Taking the time find out how the new year has started for all of you.

Is it off on a positive note? I do trust so. 

This year, I really hope each of you will take the time to make some goals and work at achieving them. Don't be daunted if you should fall. Get up. Dust yourself off and go again. Be positive! Stay strong! Live your best life!

I started last year with a Granny and ended without one. When Granny died at Easter time, it was painful. Very painful. As I write this I am crying. No man knows when his life will be taken. One day we are here with our loved ones and another, things change. I say all of that to say this: Have a passion for life. Make the necessary sacrifices to ensure that you are going where you desire to go and embrace the journey along the way. Love each other. And...tell those dear to you that you care. That in spite of differences, you love having them there.


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