21 February 2012

Reader's Corner ~ Link Love from Madame Noire

MadameNoire is one of my fave online websites. It provides me with a range of topics to keep me up-to-date. From love to the entertainment scene; from home and family life to business sense, MN keeps the discussion turning over with its content. 

Today's link though, focuses on a timely and interesting read on the 10 Natural Hair Habits You Should Stop...Now!!

Here is a rundown of the content:
Product thickness/consistency
Edge tugging
No shampoo/Co-washing
Product grouping/hair typing
Using products with alcohol
Not moisturizing the ends of hair
Protective styling: Wrapped + weave edge
Too much press + curl/heat
Not loving your curls

What do you think? Is this contributor's points truly all that relevant? Is there any validity?
I just think that there are people who will break the rules and still come away with healthy hair. The choice is up to you to decide how much, how often. For me it is that simple.

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