4 March 2012

Ishimma launches online Hair Care Guide

Ishimma is a line of hair care products made from organic and natural ingredients. It targets young girls and woman who are interested in having and maintaining healthy, beautiful hair. They currently retail their products online as well ISHIMMA  

The company's head, Crystal Nnenne Azu, and her staff have recently launched an online Hair Care Guide which is easy to read and understand.  Personally, I like that the guide is readily accessible when I am on the go. 
But do you know what makes it even more special? This guide is absolutely FREE for you to download!! 


And you are just one click away from having your personal copy: ISHIMMA GUIDE

This guide answers such questions as:

*I have dry hair, what do I do?
*What's the best way to condition my hair?
*I want to use heat/dye on my hair; how can I do this and not damage my hair too much?
*How does pH affect healthy maintenance of my hair?
*Which proteins are best as ingredients in hair products?

Also learn about: 
*Reasons why your hair may not be gaining length
*Thinning and breakage
*Tips for transitioners

There is so much pertinent information that I am sure you naturalistas will find it an interesting read. And chances are, you can address some of the challenges which you might have been experiencing with your lovely tresses.

So, give it a try!! 

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