24 April 2012

Link Love | Revitalise Your Health

I have not been bitten by the mixing bug as many other women and men have been. So many people have been mixing away at home and making some truly wonderful recipes for skin and hair care products.

Today's link love is courtesy of Revitalise Your Health: How to make a homemade Shea Butter creamBut to bring you up to speed before you head on over to the post, scour your pantry for the following ingredients to make this cream: 

50 grams shea butter, 50ml sweet almond oil, any essential oil of your choice.

Happy mixing!

What is Revitalise Your Health?
Revitalise Your Health is designed to be "an outlet for natural health enthusiasts to discover new natural strategies to lead a fuller, healthier and happier life and to interact with others who are passionate about naturally improving their health."  

This resource site tackles such topics as skin care, weight loss, detoxification and alternative medicine. Some of their recent posts include:
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So, if you want to know more about living a healthier life go on over to


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