31 May 2012

So...what's a POMADE?

Other than really loving the sound of the word, I never really explored the real deal behind a POMADE until becoming natural and getting a natural education. 

Murray's Pomade has been around since 1925
Many of the slick Rockabilly hairstyles of the 30s to 60s were created using some form of pomade. Generally speaking, most pomades back then were made using heavy petroleum, mineral oil and wax. And given the density of petroleum, they really made for a good hold and the styles were more dramatic. Contemporary brands of pomades tend to be more naturally scented and their bases can be of water or more natural wax. That is not to say that they no longer contain petroleum at all. 

When we were growing up my brother also used Softsheen-Carson's Sportin' Waves pomade to achieve his 360 waves. I am sure that someone out there knows just what I am talking about.

Time to simplify
So to make things a little clearer if you are still unsure of what is a pomade, here are just a few tips that I have collected from different sources including some product manufacturers. 

  • is generally a wax-based hair product as some may contain more oil than wax; others still are water-based or creme-based
  • is made up of waxy ingredients like beeswax, castor oil, organic coconut oil, lanolin or petroleum; and essential or carrier oils (eg. jojoba, safflower)
  • is used to tame unruly hair, make short spiky hairdo's and/or keep hair slicked back
  • makes hair shiny
  • ought to be used sparingly as it can be very difficult to wash out
  • works best on clean, dry hair
  • does not have in alcohol like hair gels do, so will not dry the hair; it is versatile and makes hair more manageable
For styles on short hair:
  • it is suggested taking a very small amount and rubbing it into hands, then your running hands through your hair 
  • Personally, I would take an extra 2-3 minutes and maybe defining your coils by twirling small portions of your hair between your fingers 
For styles on longer hair:
  • use the pomade to stretch your curls for a sexy ponytail, bun or updo
Other information:
  • some manufacturers also target the locked community by making products versatile enough that can be used to retwist locs
  • an increasing number of pomades are being made FREE of parabens, sulfates, silicones, phtalates and other ingredients which many naturals simply do not wish to use
  • some pomades also claim to moisturize the hair
Pomade choices
If you are looking for a pomade there are many, many choices on the market now. It might be easy for me to say pick one and try it, but you know the ingredients that you prefer in your products and the texture of your hair. And you will also take into consideration the look or style you are trying to create.

*For Barbadian readers: Not all of these products are sold here. But you should still check the beauty supply stores to verify or if possible purchase online (or when you travel).
Carol's Daughter Macadamia 

Redken Water-based pomade
Sweet Georgia Water-based pomade

Smooth N' Shine pomade

Alterna Hemp Organics

American Crew's Men Pomade

Hamadi Shea Pomade

Original Moxy's Hair Bling

Darcy's Botanicals

Pantene Texture and Shine

Oyin Handmade

Kinky-Curly Gloss Pomade
Pricing sources:

Do you use hair pomades? Why and when? And, what has your experience been like? I'm looking for reviews on any of the products above, so please submit your personal review to naturaleza246@gmail.com. Or, you can place it in the comment box below.

My next assignment: To decipher what is 'hair clay'. Do you know? So far, I don't see any great difference between the pomade (whether wax or water based) and the clay. But, if I see more definitive information I will do an article. If you can shed some light on it, please do.


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