14 April 2011


Barbados...my island home! 
This vacation, as promised, I wanted to share with all of you some of the sights I took in while 'playing tourist' at home!   

Just a few facts about Barbados:
  • Was a former British Colony
  • The island became independent on November 30, 1966
  • Has a population of 280,000+ inhabitants and the capital is Bridgetown
  • 'Bajan' is the dialect we speak but, also one of the names we call ourselves
  • Is the easternmost Caribbean island 
  • Consists of 11 parishes
  • Is a relatively flat island, known for its warm, sunny weather; however, we do experience a hurricane season
  • Loc'd music stars Allison Hinds and Arturo Tappin; along with Shontelle, Rihanna and Hal Linton all come from Barbados
  • Awesome beaches, wonderful food and music, beautiful people! A most precious place to be!
Soak up the beauty and relax...

Bridgetown - the beautiful capital of Barbados
Independence Square

Bathsheba, St. Joseph - a charming fishing village


Andromeda Gardens, St. Joseph - a tropical garden with collections of palms, orchids, ferns and bougainvillea, just to name a few.

Codrington College, St. John - the oldest Theological college in the Western Hemisphere


Martin's Bay, St. John - an idyllic fishing village


  1. Gorgeous Pictures!!!!!!! Oh my goodness I can only imagine what life is like living on an island!!!!!!!!! Not to mention all the wonderful seafood!!!!!!!

  2. LOL! Thank you, A-Q! I borrowed a Canon from a friend of mine and guess it worked its magic.
    It is a beautiful, charming island. I guess sometimes, to be honest, we have the tendency to forget how scenic this little rock is; and, how precious these views are. People come from near and far to see them and to taste what we have to offer. Someday you and Rocco can come by!
    The seafood and the recipes are limitless!

  3. sounds like a plan, Gonna put that on my wishlist for travelling!!!!!!! Rocco, is going on a special secret trip next week (cant wait to 'break' him in officially. It's the kind of trip I would have loved to take Nico on ;-))

    Have a fantastic weekend!!!!!!!

  4. I keep thinking if I stare at the pictures long enough I can beam myself there. lol. Beautiful.

  5. @ FoxyLocs - If it were only that easy! But thanks. The invitation is extended, who knows someday you may get to visit.

  6. Thanks for sharing! My hubby enjoyed the pics, too! Hope you had a great staycation :)

  7. @ Kareen - I'm so happy that both of you enjoyed the post; and, no, I did not know before that he was from Barbados. You are most welcomed.

  8. Hey Tasha! My week was busy and I'm really looking forward to calmer times. I just have enough energy to wake-up and come home and go straight to bed! I'm thankful for my job so I'm not complaining. Just holding on! Thanks for asking. I always appreciate your comments and thoughtfulness :) Looks like you're doing well...

  9. OMG! Its gorgeous there!!


  10. Thanks, KCCM! Feel free to visit sometime.


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