13 June 2012

My Loc Update: Where did all this fuzz come from at 19 months?

Hi, all!

I have been blogging back and forth, but I have not dealt much with my own locs in recent times. There is not much to report, I've not been doing much with them. My last salon appointment which was around the final week in May, I had bantu knots then took them down. I am still wearing the bleached ends from my color earlier in the year. But, I will probably return to black. I will have a couple photos taken so I can show you the remaining look. I am mostly wearing my headbands again between salon visits.

I realise however that my locs have been somewhat fuzzy, it's like a new wave of serious growth and the strands are all in the process of matting. I know this process happens daily but honestly, it's like I am having the attack of the super strands. It just looks so fuzzy. And if I let you in on a secret:

I have been thinking a) cutting them off and starting over; b) picking them down and becoming a sista with a fro! 

If I were to make a change, I'd more than likely embrace option b, seeing that before locking my hair I spent no time having free natural hair. What does it feel like to feel your natural hair in a twist out, between your fingers? I don't have that experience. I cut off the ends after transitioning and started to loc right away. So I have a serious hankering to just do that and it would make it clearer what many other sistas go through when managing their loose kinks and coils. 

My summer vacation is approaching and I will make my decision during that time. So for now, I will rant a bit and be frustrated a bit until I can make that final decision with a clear mind :)

Love you all,

Ta Ta ;)


  1. Christina JellyBean13 June 2012 at 23:39

    you should try natural for a while, it can be interesting and you definitely learn a lot of patience haha. but really it can be refreshing. eitherway you can always reloc or do something different.

  2. bajanbeautyblogger14 June 2012 at 07:11

    In the moments when I feel like doing something drastic to my hair, I like to think about it for a good month before going forward. Right now its the reason I am  in braids :) what ever you decide I'msure it will be fierce. :)

  3. Censorednomore18 June 2012 at 15:52

    the natural hair journey is an interesting one.  There are so many options available...choose wisely.  Choose a style which suits you--your lifestyle.  Make your decision based on only WHAT YOU WANT....and go forth

  4. I have been keeping that option in mind, the "...you can always reloc" option :)
    But, we will see :)

    Thanks, Christina.

  5. Thanks, cuz. The whole lifestyle issue is important to me seeing that I love to get up and go :) :)  And have precious little to do with styling. I will use this summer to make a decision. But for sure, I will follow my heart's direction. 
    Thanks, Kimmie @Censorednomore 

  6. Thanks, Kim bajanbeautyblogger I will continue to think about it. Cutting my locs off does seem so altering but I like the fact of having to deal with my free natural hair for a bit. And like you, braiding it, etc. Will use this summer to see how long my locs grow and how healthy they are; what different styles I can have. Will move from there.

    Thanks, chica!


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