22 January 2011

First palm roll - nothing beats a try

Ok, so I've been twiddling with my locs anyways on my own, seeing how to palm roll them. So Thursday night, I tried a 'ting or two. But, first I just cleaned my scalp. Been two weeks since I got my hair washed etc. So, this was just for me to see what I could do on my own. I used Loc Gel by Jamaican Mango and Lime. 

Not too bad for a '3 days after' pic

Smells citrus, easy to apply.
Not too sure if I stayed under dyer long enough, but I'm wondering if the puffiness back so soon is an indication that I should try another loc'ing gel. But, this is what my loctician used the last time.


  1. Looking good! How did you clean your scalp? I'm thinking of trying my hand at re-twisting in a couple of weeks but not ready for a full shampoo on my own.

  2. I just used some witch hazel cos I still don't feel ready to wash on my own cos they are still some that will unravel.


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