4 February 2012

Seeing red ~ 1 week on and the take down

Since the reveal, I have received many positive compliments. 
Am I still happy about colouring my hair? YES!
I really do love it! 
Many persons have asked questions, the major one being if I used a semi or permanent colour. The Adore brand Hot Pink is a semi-permanent colour. In other words, after a few washes, the colour will wash out and fade. But remember, that should you do something like this, you will probably have to lighten your hair using salon developer or peroxide.  It comes in creme and powder forms. Especially if your hair is as dark as mine, it might make the most sense to do that.

But think it through first. I have read some blogs about organic colouring and also remember that Henna is also an option if you do wish to colour naturally. I also did a post on Henna.

Whatever you decide, 
  • DO your research
  • BE confident with your new look


  1. Iameatingrightright4 February 2012 at 14:00

    The colour really is beautiful. I'm glad you still like it :)

  2. I am shocked the hair style lasted a week firstly!  Secondly I love the colour! Thirdly! your hair is growing!!! omgoodness look at it! loving it!

  3. You know me so well. I tried to hold out. But alas...my little fingers.
    And thank you for your encouragement


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