13 January 2011

Month 3 reloc

Budding and growing...but, still looks like two-strand twists :(


  1. Truthfully, I don't think they look like 2-strand twists in the pics but I understand. I can't wait for the comb coil look to disappear. Also, I'm liking the style :) Looking good!

  2. Looking good girl....continue on your journey....loc on!!!

  3. @ Kareen, That is one of the reasons why having a look at other people's journey is so interesting and encouraging. Definitely makes me happy. Cos, we have different hair textures and we have started the process differently - you, comb coil and me, two-strand twists. So it is going to be exciting to see how our locs come into their own. Even with the fuzzy wuzzy budding hair. :0)
    May I ask though, how come you did not start with interlocking or what people call latch hook?

  4. @ Leo, thanks, Bro. Appreciate the love lol lol lol!

  5. my 1st comment :) ....but they're coming along nicely itasha! *my inspiration*


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