18 July 2011

Freeform Loc Summer Challenge ~ Feeling the need to reloc

Hi everyone! Trusting in the Almighty that you and your loved ones are doing well. On my side, things are great! Enjoying my life, family and friends.

On the loc front...well, that is a different matter. 

As you know, I decided to test my resolve by taking part in Loc Rocker's Freeform Loc Summer challenge. It's 4 weeks on. And, as you would also realise that on this blog, I speak frankly about what I'm feeling regarding my locs. The way I'm feeling is: TIME FOR A RELOC!!!! 

The fact that I'm not seeing any defined parts is not so bad, you know. Just want to see my hair styled, lol. And I think I have gained a bit of new growth, too.

So, I'll make a decision one way or the other on what is best for my hair. And whatever that decision...you guys will be sure to see!

Stay posted for:  THE BIG REVEAL!


  1. Iameatingright20 July 2011 at 23:50

    Do you! Whatever you decide I'm looking forward to the reveal!

  2. Yes, I do. LOL! Not really seeing the parts is not bad. It's just my hair looks...well, it has no look. LOL. It's summer and I've been wearing headbands, nothing new. And that is cool. This is into week 5. I know I'd have 3 more to go. But, I guess, with some events coming up that I have to attend etc, and being eager to see how this new growth looks. I gotta say...the pang is there! :) But, we will see.

  3. During your freeforming times, utilize flat twist, more so in the front to give you a manicured look, without needing to actually re-twist.  You can also flat twist the back to create updos, for more formal looks.  

  4. Thank you for the tip! I appreciate that alot. I did have it pinned up and flat twisted but had to take it down to wash it. But have not re-styled it. But I will keep that in mind for round 2...lol!


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