27 February 2011

Showering some love on them.

This quick post is for all the natural hair specialists/hairdressers/loctitians in Barbados. I keep reading on the blogs/sites of many of the ladies out there, that it is sometimes very difficult to find a natural hair specialist in their area. Some of them have to travel hrs to find one. Here, we have a hairdresser two doors apart. LOL! Okay, not that close together but you all know what I mean.

So, ladies and guys who rock this blog, give a shout out to yours. We have some damn good men and women who specialize in natural hair care in this place. And I have not even mentioned the girls in the neighbourhood who just know their stuff tall cos they have a gift for it. So whether you rock dreads, locs, sisterlocs, comb coils, two strand twists, beautiful natural kinky hair or even braids - GIVE PRAISE AND THANKS THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE STRESSING!

(My Godsend)

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  1. Natasha...I'm loving this idea! Totally...blogging the whole process..it's worth it..helps you appreciate you more.Though i've thrown in the towel on the dreads...i'm still a naturalist....here so determined to grow the tresses out for as long as they want to! I put down d scissors ...me nah chop it again...as freeing as it is.Time to rock these curls my momma gave me..
    looking out for more from Naturaleza.....keep it comin.


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