5 March 2011

Reloc: DIY #2 :) :)

Product junkie. Is that what I heard you say?  : 0)

Okay, I could not stand the fuzz so I did a reloc on my own today. I really was not on the hair flex this week so I did not do all the things I usually do to maintain my hair/style. I still have not committed to a shampoo  or any one brand. Although, I visited JENN's in the new Lantern's Mall on Thursday. In there is awesome. And the ladies are helpful. I did see a product which caught my attention. It is Nature's Gate Henna Shampoo.  This company has a wide range of products so give their website a look up: Nature's Gate

Nola recommended I try Doo Gro Anti-itch growth oil to help with the burning and itching. Unfortunately, did not find any today. Will check some other places during the week. I really wanted to try the Elasta QP Conditioning Glaze (recommended by fellow loc'er Dionne). I could only find the extra large; which I did not buy just in case I had to toss it. What I did buy and tried was Organic Root Stimulator's Lock and Twist Gel.

I wiped my scalp several times with Witch Hazel. I did not apply a great amount of water to my hair at all as I just wanted to try the product, especially seeing that I had a full wash etc and reloc about 10 days or so ago. 
And it did not take long to reloc at all, just about 30 mins or there about. After drying and taking the clips out, I sprayed with my JML Sproil. This does give some relief of the itch as its ingredients soothe the scalp.
So here are some of my observations:

  • JML would definitely win out on its aroma. The ORS Lock and Twist Gel has a very mild coconut scent which was enough for me. 

  • Neither one was more appealing visually. The JML did have a peach/pink look whilst the ORS was white almost. It reminded me of coconut jelly! LOL!

  • In terms of hold during the reloc process and after...I give my money to the ORS! I was a little skeptical when I saw the white product staying on the hair. For a moment I wondered if I'd be stuck with a white, film-like coating and build-up on my hair. But after drying, there is still no build up. So, I will monitor that aspect over the coming days. The JML did not give a firm hold and even after drying for what seemed an even longer time than I did today, the puffy ones did not hold as well as they have using the Organic Root Stimulator Gel. 

  • I read a review where the customer complained that the Organic Root Stimulator had dried the hair. I have realized any way that my hair's texture has been changing and is feeling coarser. So I won't say that it has dried my hair. I will however, be watching to see if it has an adverse effect on my scalp. I don't have a dandruff issue thankfully, but, the itching drives me to scratch and I have a few scrapes on my scalp : 0(    

All in all, I am definitely more pleased with the Organic Root Stimulator Lock and Twist Gel. 


  1. The locs are looking great! Thanks for the review of the JML and ORS products. How did you apply the water to your hair? Was it a spray bottle? Just curious as I am thinking about doing a frizz control re-twist next weekend but don't want to do a full wash yet.

  2. I have almost a full (medium) jar of the Elasta QP glaze at home; I tried it but it was more like a pomade/wax than a gel and I didn't like it as much as the ORS stuff( I love the coconut fragrance!). If you end up trying it and liking it, let me know, and I will make a mental note to pass what I have on to you instead of just having it there going to waste.

  3. Hey, Therese. Thank you. I agree totally with you about the fragrance. It is not a knockout scent; but, it is quite light and sweet in it's own way. Don't have to be walking around with an orchard on our heads :)
    I'll message you so you know what I decide about the QP.
    Hope you are doing really well on your return. Hey, light bulb moment. Do you have any shots of your hair now and your hair back like say, 2007 for the wedding? PLEASE TAKE SOME! Will tell you later. But I think you already know!
    Lots of love as always.

  4. Hi, Kareen. You are welcome. I'm going to reply in a hot minute. :o)

  5. Hey Tasha!
    Nice post :) I got my hair pinned up about 2 weeks ago, it looked really nice but it was tooooo tight so i took it down after a week or so :( Anyhow the young lady who did it was telling me she liked and prefered the loc and twist gel. She said the person who does her hair did something new her last visit. She heated the gel and used it while warm to reloc he hair and it held it longer. I haven't tried it yet tho. But your hair is coming along nicely :)


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