20 May 2011

Define "Short locs" ~ A girl's right to DREAM!!

Source abc.clio.com
Now when my fam, friends and readers take a peek at this post I know that I will receive plenty definitions, some will probably be as blunt as: "Yours!"

But, I am not phased! No, no! Not at all. Not even Google could precisely inform me as to what were "Short locs". You know, that extra piece of goodness to solidify that vision I had in my mind's eye. Ask.com was even worse. Yahoo.com was a little better. But, no cookie!

I was looking for that loc-inspiration do online to try for my 8 month milestone in two weeks or so. And, also seeing that my birthday is in 5 days. That's why I was up so late. I searched some sites and yes, Googled some terms to see if I would get an image to match the one I have in my mind of how I want my hair to look. I will show you what I found. It's really the first + second ones I like alot :o)   The other two would be for those lazy days of summer...when I toss my locs to one side, pin and go. Just tossing them, liberation!     ;o)    (In my mind!)

Source thirstyroots.com
I also love her makeup!

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Yes! I know...not yet, Tasha. I can hear you all loud and clear. But, a girl CAN dream. Can't she?!


  1.  I am suffering from a serious bout of "hair envy" esp @ number 3....where is that magic wand? I want my hair to look like that NOW :(  but any ways short locs are--GORGEOUS...Amen

  2. I am going to have to repeat to you the words of LOCROCKER (www.locrocker.com) maven, Brittany- NO! NO ENVY! Yes, Ma'am! She did a post on loving YOUR locs on YOUR journey.

    We will - well you will get there before me as yours are longer :) - soon be shakin' dreads!!! Girl! Watch out!

    We're going to enjoy the beauty of the process along the way!

  3. A definition for short locs could be so varied depending on a person's
    individual view or perspective. I think if you want a standard
    definition, you can come up with one where you set a numerical range,
    like between 1-7 inches (of course that could be tweaked).

    Then they would be different versions of short locs. For example, there
    are the short locs that are starter locs or what we would say baby locs.

    Then there are short locs that are in that transition stage. Then there
    are the short locs that were previously long locs that have been cut to
    accommodate a short style..The diversity of locs is amazing.... 

  4. Wow you follow clumps of mascara too!! lolol No, I will admit that I have hair envy--I think it is more motivation as to where my hair can go.

    Sheena--your post is so true! I never looked at it like that--but you know we all associate "short" locs as starter locs. But it is true. Look , Anette is now rocking short locs with a layered bob. So I guess "short" has varying points on your loc journey.

  5.  Dream girl! You'll reach these lengths!

  6. LOL! I have a dream...
    Want to try some of these fancy styles, too! All in time.


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