6 May 2011

Loc update ~ braid out in Month 7

Hey, everyone!

This is a quick post of what my hair looks like since taking my reloc pinup done. This is 7 months down (Yeah, me!) and I like what I'm seeing. I've been getting lots of compliments that I have hang! LOL!  

At 7 months I am noticing: -  firmness in more locks,  still fuzzing and yes, a bit more growth particularly in the back and middle. Having worn my hair in the protective style, some of my ends are not as soft either. I'm really more convinced that wearing my hair pinned up will contribute to the process. I've heard it time and again. 

It's also been 2 weeks since I used the Shea Moisture (Moisture Retention Shampoo). If you do remember, I've been on the hunt for products which would minimize the scalp issues I've been having. There has been a slight improvement in that the itching did not really start until this week, more or less. I've not changed my diet or made any other drastic lifestyle changes. So, should I attribute this to the Shea Moisture being the new product and working some what? Maybe. I was also trying a product my cousin had recommended for use on itchy scalp - Sulfur 8. Had to take into consideration their ingredient list, but I still tried it. 

Bueno...here are the pics.

The updo of two weeks ago

And now after the take down (second day)


  1. Wow! I can't wait to be rockin' some styles like you! I'm only a couple of months behind you. Your hair looks great!!!

  2. Aweee, thank you! Time is going by in a hurry it feels like sometimes. You most definitely will be soon. I'll get to see you rock them, too!

  3. You are definitely getting hang time! Like it!


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