29 June 2011

Counting...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, ?

How do you count? Seriously, how do you count?
A) Nov. 2 to Dec 2 = 1 month

B) November = 1 month

November 2, 2010 was the date I began my locs. I count that as one month because of when the date was...2nd of the month. I don't think I missed anything. Understand?

Others think I should count as per example A.

A) therefore = this will be my 8th month loc'd starting July 2
B) therefore = this will be my 9th month loc'd starting July 2

Either formula, here are some pics of my protective style pick-down:

The day it was done: June 18

10 Days later
                                                                 Both taken today.

So, the Freeform challenge is in full effect! This is week 2. S I X more to go! 

So, here is my prayer:
Sweet Jesus, help my cousin and I to make it to end. AMEN.


  1. Lol! Good luck with the freeform challenge! 

  2. Gonna give a shot!
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  3. I count using the first method.  I began mine October 16th but I realise that your count is ahead of mine! lololol so I dunno Oct-Nov is 1 month.  Anyways....i'm trying my best with wearing my hair in 1...worrying about my hair line and now i have to come up with some way or the other to still lk good when I go out with my friends...i might flat twist the unruly set to the side...but God help we for sure....my hair is doing its own thing and probably cursing me for not getting it dun...OR that is just my mind and it's happy to not have any hands in it.

  4. Hey, Kim. Technically, your Oct - Nov is not one month cos you started mid October...too many days gone by! lol lol lol! OMGoodness! You get it? I'm Nov 2. I think I will switch to your method, Option A. Not sure if your hairline will suffer too much as you are not accustomed to pulling your hair back into a ponytail. Nor, tightly relocking either. But, I understand your concern, putting stress on such a fragile hairline. Got to protect the hairline. Been hearing great things about Dr. Miracle's Temple Balm. I had barely started using that before I transitioned so I don't have the knowledge to speak to such a product. I had discontinued use.

    The flat twist might work for now. Maybe it will thank you for not relocking for the past 4 weeks, in your case.

  5. I use the first method. I started on Nov 7, so Dec 7 made 1 month and so on! So, July 7 will bee 8 months for me! I don't know why I am just now realizing how close we are in our loc journeys. We're practically twins! :) Good luck on your freeform challenge!

  6. Hey, Sis! I never noticed either. This is cool! :0)
    Yeah, I think I will go the first method.
    And the Challenge...don't you want to join in?! LOL LOL! Thanks though, I am going to need as much luck as I can lol lol! Mine are still pretty young in the scheme of the things - 2 weeks. Heaven help me in two weeks time. Or, if I have to go out somewhere special. That for me is the doubtful part. But, it's not like there is a penalty if I stop. Can restart another time.

  7. Ms thang...did you just laugh at ur own joke? hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaha love it!! i'm going to go pick up the temple balm for sure...i have a weak spot on my left side that i usually worry about....but your pics showing growth---yay!! "we is freeformingggg"

  8. Iameatingright7 July 2011 at 00:02

    The locs are looking good!


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