30 June 2011

Freeform Update ~ Kim's Freeform Challenge pics

This is a pic of my Freeform Challenge partner, my cousin Kim. If you are new to this blog and are wondering what I'm going on about :) here is the quickie. Kim and I are taking part in Loc Rocker's Summer Challenge. 

We both chose Track 2 ~ 8 weeks.  She is going on to 4 weeks freeforming. 

So take a look!

After wash this week

Do the words 'KETOSIS', 'FOOD PLAN' OR 'CAMBRIDGE DIET' sound familiar? 
If you identify, let me invite you to head on over to Censored no more!
Kim's corner of the blogosphere. Much to learn and support for you!
Read. Comment. Sub!

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  1. Well this has made my freaking morning---a plug!! yay!!! THANK YOUUUUUU btw my hair lks better in the picture than it does now!!! and the tip on the sea bath--thumbs up--I hate washing my hair...but I took your advice and I did (i'm not nasty--I just didn't want the poofy look hehehe) So we press on! we're going to do it...I'm going to begin making my own head bands tho....i smell a summer project


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