10 June 2011

Loc Rocker's Freeform Loc Challenge

The beautiful Brittany of Loc Rocker has started a fine challenge for summer: the Freeform Summer Challenge.

It's really coincidental that she should start this challenge. Why? My cousin, Kim and I had actually decided that we were going to freeform - or at least try - for a period of time during our summer holidays before she heads off to law school in Trinidad. 

We will wash, oil, separate (when we deem necessary) but not retwist.

We are taking this challenge in the 2 month track as stipulated on Brittany's blog.

What is freeforming?
My own explanation goes like this: You see my hand-in-hair-itis disease which leads me to want to re-lock and make nice the fuzzy-wuzzy locs...that cannot happen!! :) :)
Valerie June ~ So many people adore her freeform dreads.
Valerie June hails from Memphis and is described as a
"...'self-taught' guitar player, composer and troubadour of heartbreak ballads,
folksongs, spirituals, soul-stirring blues..."
Freeformers do not manipulate their locs the way people like me with 'manicured' dreads do. I will re-lock my hair (anywhere from 4-5 weeks) after it has been washed, etc. Unlike the grave misconception some people have, freeforming loc rockers wash their locs and allow them to grow and form naturally. They may or may not separate the new growth from matting together, and will style as desired. But from what I know, they will not re-loc.  I will not get into the term "semi-freeform" locs now. That is discussion for another post.

I am willing to give my locs a rest from the retwisting. I've just begun my journey so maybe the thought of losing a loc due to palm-rolling and re-locking might not be too much of a reality right now. I trust my loctician and she is more than able to keep my locs well-maintained and healthy.

My thing is, just as I rested my hair when it was permed by braiding it; why can't I give re-locking a break, too?

It is no harm done in my opinion. It's as simple as that for me. No lot of debating. 

If you are interested in Brittany's challenge, follow the link above and have a look at the details. It's a wonderful fun idea so give her the props!

As is the norm on my journey, I'll be posting updates here as time goes by. 

Kim and I will begin June 18. So we will keep you posted!

Ta ta,

Love you all!

And have a great weekend!!!


  1. nervous :( that chick's hair is beautiful tho--love the look

  2. Iameatingright11 June 2011 at 15:51

    Can't wait to hear about the journey. . .missing my locs a little now

  3. I'm gonna need all the cheering on I can get!!!! Lol lol! But, I'm not overly nervous. It did hit me like what will I do if an important engagement pops up in those two mths?!! Kareen! You'll hear me scream and give a BIG sigh!
    You do?! :(
    You are doing YOU! So, I'm behind you!

  4. Devyn H. Taylor4 July 2011 at 14:53

    Something I do to "mask" the unmanicured roots is curl the locs via bantu-knot-outs. It really helps with taking the attention and putting it on your beautiful loc, rather than just the roots.

  5. So true. I did it once a couple months ago and it gave my locs a slight bend. LOL! Now with a little more length, maybe there will be a little more 'curl'. Thanks Devyn! Do you have a site/blog? If so what is it?


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