13 June 2011

Loc'd Beauty ~ Miss Jamaica Universe 2007, Zahra Redwood

How many of you remember this young lady?

Zahra Redwood

A trend-setter in her own right! She was the first ever Rastafarian to win Ms. Jamaica.

For me this is not a small feat. She might not have made it into the top 15 (correct me if I am wrong), but to win her local leg of the competition and then to grace the stage at Ms Universe??!! I am trying to remember if there have been other locked contestants since 2007 at the Ms Universe or Ms World pageants. So if you do recall let me know. 

Who cares about the negative stereotypes. You were intrepid to break through that particular 'glass ceiling'. The audacity to dream big and win!

Ms. Redwood, you are my choice for Loc'd beauty today!


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