16 June 2011

Summer Reads

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Reading for pleasure has become a luxury for me. Mostly reserved for my vacation time. I am usually combing the shelves at any of the PAGES branches or the Cloister Bookstore (local  bookshops). This summer I want to dedicate more time to that luxury. I like fiction and non-fiction. Usually does not matter the gender, race or creed of the author. As long as the content is something I can either relate to or the writing style is excellent, I will not want to put it down. 

The new widget I have installed from Amazon gives a mere taste of my interests. I own a few titles by some of these authors already.The others I'll source, not certain how many I'll find. I don't think right now that I'll do a book review or anything like that. But, knowing myself...I just might!

I have this 'habit'. I read the front and back inside covers. Then, I'd start reading the book from the back. Weird, huh?! I read through the last chapter first, then proceed to the first chapter and start like most normal people would. (You can stop chuckling now!!  (o; )

However, I thought I'd throw this question out to you:



  1. by now hopefully some trashy novel...but! alas no such luck

  2. I just finished reading "The Hunger Games" series. Really enjoyed it! Trying to figure out what to read next...I'm thinking something by Francine Rivers <--love her!!!

  3. I just finished reading "The Hunger Games" series by Suzanne Collins. I love reading books then seeing the movie, although his one doesn't come out until next year. I think next on my list will be something by Francine Rivers <-- love her!!!

  4. Hey, Kim! Will check those titles out. I've never heard of Francine Rivers. That's cool though, I like to buy books from authors I don't usually read or have never read before. Thanks for the tip.


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