15 June 2011

Natural Hair Accessory Entrepreneurs

Hair Candy Anyone?

Source sweetgreetingsshildon.co.uk
Who said that locked or kinky, coily hair divas cannot shine with style? We can! Just like any other girl and maybe even brighter. These beautiful creations add pizzazz to your hair and your outfit. Take a look at some of these luscious gems! 

These entrepreneurs are stars! I am one for fine craftsmanship and each one of these has that edge and panache that I simply find hard to put into words. If you are interested in purchasing anything, please contact the designer via any one of their social media connections.

In my opinion, all of them work and achieve the same goal: Bringing smiles to the faces of so many women and men. 

One other fact I found amazing: I found 2 of these entrepreneurs (the 2 beautiful ladies) on Twitter! 

Sahara Hair tie
Sarah's site is much more than what I first thought of given the title. Stunning beads, shells and items made of copper and other metals are to be found online at Sarenzo Beads. Some of the bracelets and even earrings are wrapped in eye-catching fabric designs.

She uses an array of colours and textures. And her hair ties are not limited to being in the shape of a circle either. This versatile artist incorporates designs in hearts, oblong shapes and teardrop.Wearing one of Sarah's creations will definitely turn heads. Her hair ties are flexible as they may be worn as a ponytail tie or as a headband. Locs or coils! FLEXIBLE! 

The hair chains are definitely a first for me. I have never seen anyone else making something like this! You attach the larger shape to your hair. The end of the chain has a hook which you slip through the hole where you'd normally wear your earring. Definitely unique and worth a try.

Items are priced from as low as US$10! Sarenzo Beads specializes in handmade:
  • hair ties - like the one featured above
  • hair tie sets w/earrings
  • loc/ponytail holder
  • hair chains
As well as:
  • rings, bangles, necklaces
  • wholesale purchases
  • join the SBClub
Carmen Hair tie set
Krystal Loc/Ponytail holder

Diamond Hair chain
You can follow her on Twitter @SarenzoBeads
On Facebook Fan page Sarenzo Beads
On Youtube: Sarenzo Beads
Email: sarenzobeads@gmail.com
Or, visit her on: www.sarenzobeads.com 

***BUYERS + READERS*** Sarenzo Beads will be having a sale starting today on ALL HAIR ACCESSORIES!     http://www.sarenzobeads.com/hair-accessory-sale.html

A Barbadian-based glass craft business which I had the pleasure to feature not very long ago.
Jamal and the other amazing young people who make up this team specialize in:
  • glass pendants, earrings, rings
  • crystal hair accessories/jewelry

The proprietor, Jamal, and his team may be contacted: 
On Facebook Fan page Crystal Forms
Email: jamal@crystalformsbarbados.com
Or, visit her on:www.cyrstalformsbarbados.com

Paula Hair tie
Tomoka's Twists creations will also brighten your look! MiMi of Tomoka's Twists will deliver stunning handmade pieces each and every time. Her one of a kind twists suit any type of hair and may be worn as headbands or even when your hair is in a ponytail. They are that flexible on dreads or kinky hair! I can also imagine them being worn on hair that is braided for those out there who might be transitioning via that option. The choices are numerous!

MiMi uses a variety of materials, too: acrylic beads and discs, wood, crochet, bendable wire. Items abound in various colours, shapes and textures. I like how vibrant and stylish each design looks.

When putting on the hair twist, let's say around your head, the bendable wire ends are long enough to be twisted around each other and latched; to ensure it does not loosen and fall off. The level of tension is left up to you to decide. So, you can let your beads dangle to the side or at the front. The choice is yours!

The hair ties are fairly simply to use, too. The long stem end is slipped through the circular opening to keep it fastened, so to speak.  MiMi has also designed a couple additional low profile ties which men with locs might be more inclined to sport.

And all that jazz Hair twist set
Prices vary depending on the type of piece you choose (I've seen from as low as US$7!). And, you must be warned, the items don't seem to stay on site for too long either!!

Mimi specializes in:
  • hair twists
  • hair ties
  • Good Hair Hair twist
  • hair sticks
  • clips
As well as:
  • hairbands
  • earrings
  • purchases in bulk

Pink Petals Happy Hair Set

Contact MiMi via:
Facebook Fan page Tomokas Twists 
Twitter @TomokasTwists
Or, visit her www.tomokastwists.com

***BUYERS + READERS*** Tomoka's Twists is currently running a Free S/H on orders US$25+. Use code TWENTY5 to claim this offer. Go to www.tomokastwists.com 

I'm not new to any of Jamal's work. He and the designers at Crystal Forms are, in my own words...BOSSES! Making an absolute choice of things to purchase from Sarenzo Beads and Tomoka's Twists has been difficult. I see so many things I like...it's going to be a tough call. Hopefully this summer after my freeform challenge, this will be how I reward myself...with some new accessories added to my arsenal!

Do you own any of the creations from either of the three designers featured? How do you wear yours?

*I am not a marketing consultant of any kind. Nor have I been asked to promote the business of any of the aforementioned entities.  Thank you.


  1. Iameatingright15 June 2011 at 23:57

    They're all beautiful. I especially love the glass ones.

  2. I think they would make perfect gifts.Quite unique, too. So much talent we have been given.

  3. I love the first hair tie that is purple and white and the happy petal ones at the bottom. They are absolutely gorgeous...I want them both!!! Crop Over around the corner..lololol

  4. Which site are you on? Tomoko's Twists or Sarenzo Beads?

  5. Tomoko's Twists..the first hair tie and the very last one that were showcased on the blog...they really caught my eye.

    Sarenzo Beads site has some really pretty earrings..I like the fabric ones espeically.

  6. Ok, got you now.
    I like the bright pink from TTs and the first one from SBs. They are all gorgeous!

  7. Very nice article. Thank you for featuring Tomoka's Twists.  I wish you all the best! Happy blogging!

  8. My pleasure, MiMi!
    And here's to my 100th blogger! *Smile* Working with people like you makes blogging more interesting and worth the effort. Much respect to you. And all the best to Tomoka's Twists!

  9. Afropean Queen18 June 2011 at 08:52

    All I saw was rings,bangles and necklaces!!!!!! Very nice.........I am gonna need to speak my sister (someone has a belated birthday present coming my way....) Otherwise Tasha, me likes. Me likes very much. Me likes a lot....... Heading over to ogle and slobber at the website.

  10. Really? You should have seen hair ties, etc? Lol

  11. The crystal forms are absolutely beautiful. They make nice presents for loc rockers....

  12. Hair accessories draw your eye upward

  13. They're all beautiful. I especially love the glass ones.


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