13 June 2011

Taking inventory, Shout outs and Loc appreciation day

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After a short but necessary 'pausa' from the blogosphere, I've been very busy today. LOL!

Taking inventory:
Sometimes, it is necessary. Taking stock. Inventory. It is almost time for my much anticipated summer holidays. I've made a list of some of the things I want to do this summer. The list is not completed, these are the first offerings and in no particular order of importance:
* go to an art gallery
* freeform for 2 months
* go to the beach (several times)
* play tourist on the south and west coats
* have a nice lunch somewhere different for a change
* visit the Wildlife Reserve with family and friends
* gym
* treat myself to a new piece of jewelry
* relax 
* relax 
* relax
* find a novel (any great reads you guys can help me with?)
* chill out (yes yes yes, I know I've mentioned that already!!!) 

Shout outs:
"Wow!" That was what I said to myself this afternoon when I logged on for first time in a bit. This blog is growing. Almost 50 readers. Some might say: "What is 50?" 

For me that is a whole lot more than I thought I'd have. Like, who would want to join in on reading about my journey to nappy? There are so many other blogs and websites out there. 

Documenting my transition in word and pictures was meant to be a way for me to keep fanning the flames along the path in case I got frustrated, anxious or lost. Seeing that the first time I did nothing like this and friends had encouraged me to do a photo blog; maybe to share among my close friends. Informing my decision to transition would have been many useful blogs and sites. There are real life caring people out there and that touches me. It's not just about the figures, they seem to actually CARE.  I have 'met' some amazing people and it seems as if we were friends forever. LOL!

I can be a shy person at times. Very quiet in my corner. Blogging has seen me moving more out of that shell and I like it! But, being reserved still has its place...*Smile*

Then, there was the spin of being from Barbados. I did not see many persons blogging from the Caribbean as a whole, let alone Barbados. So, blogging took on a new dimension for me. I got to share more about my journey, but also trying to get locals to read and share their own experiences. Being a naturalista here is no rarity. However, Barbadians are not a people who who sign up to 'follow' a blog. So, writing one is rare.

It is truly my honour. I enjoy sharing my story, my thoughts, my experiences, my island. I appreciate the time you take to read or share your thoughts. Funny enough, I have friends and acquaintances who may not sign up, but if they see me in person or on FB they encourage me to keep blogging. Thank you so much! I know that people literally stumble onto the blog. And, even to you I say thanks!  ;o) 

Loc Appreciation Day:
This is some information on Loc Appreciation Day
* It is set for June 25, 2011
* Our day to be even more elated about rockin' locs with pride
* I know that qochemist, nikkimo75 and so many others are working feverishly on making this day a success
* There are official tee's for the day, too!
* Everyone (whether you have a YT Channel, blog or website) is being encouraged to get   involved. Some people are planning meet ups. Others have posted videos or submitted short notes about their own loc pride.
* There is also giveaway/contest info over on the official blog!

Please, please, please see the links below for more information:
qochemist's YT Channel
nikkimo75's YT Channel

I am thinking maybe I will do a photo post. And if I should go out, will wear purple for royalty!

Are you doing anything special for Loc Appreciation Day?


  1. Iameatingright13 June 2011 at 23:59

    Thanks so much for the update. . .your summer list sounds great! Looking forward to hearing about all of your relaxing :)

  2. Oh for sure! Will do my best to post on the blog and email you.

  3. Well I appreciate your appreciation! It's a great idea to take inventory of your life every once in a while. It keeps your focused and centered.


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