10 July 2011

Choka. Paratha. Curry. Can you guess where I am?

Hi everyone!!! 
As I write, I am enjoying myself on what is a working holiday, of sorts. So here is an update on some things, in random order:
Hair front:
The problematic itchy scalp has not been of great concern. Lots more locs are sealing, getting harder and that to me has been very motivating. I've also realised that they are not as fuzzy as the last time when I was due for a reloc. What fuzziness I do get is in the form of strands of hair which I simply twist around the loc it must have come away from. Actually, there are some from last month which I did like that that have not come away since. The meshing and intertwining has helped those 'flyaways' to bond. Did I hear you say PATIENCE!?!  

Something which I have been meaning to treat is the hairline by my temples. That area - left and right - has always been a weak zone for me. When I was still relaxing my hair (but only months prior to transitioning) I was using the Dr Miracle's Temple Balm, but I had stopped when I began during my transition phase. So I cannot use that very brief period of time as a proper gauge. Therefore, that will something to re-visit in the near future.

I'm now starting my fourth week of the Loc Rocker Freeform Summer Challenge. On that note, let me give a warm shout out and long distance hug to Brittany of LR for the linking my page and check-in to her Freeform Challenge. Thanks, Chica!

Well, some of my locs are showing more puffiness at the root, not overly afro or anything like that. I've been oiling my scalp and locs recently with Vitale Olive Oil Virgin Hair Oil. One of my very best friends uses it and had mentioned to me the results she has been getting since starting to use it. As you may know, I'm still very much on a quest to find products that suit my hair and fit into my schedule. This is definitely a product I will do a review on; but, it's only been two weeks so not just yet. But for you guys, I have placed a link.

Style wise, I have not been wearing my usual broad head bands. The hair to the front of my head, I have plaiting up and clipping. So making do with the length I have now and simply seeing how I can make things work during the challenge and beyond :)

Have you guessed as yet where I am? 
Stay glued and have a look at some snaps!

I will post some more photos soon and reveal my location. If you know where I am, leave me a comment with the name of my location in the comment box!!

Ta ta :o)

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  1. Iameatingright10 July 2011 at 20:43

    Thanks for the hair update and the pics! 


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