18 July 2011

To marry or not to marry? That is the question

It's a strange term. Marrying locs. Combining locs. But, it has been on my mind for a time. I mean I have read about how people combine thinning locs by twisting them together and putting a tiny rubber band on the end until the two locs bond and become one. Others still, have mentioned sewing the two locs in question together (in a decent manner) so the thread is not readily noticeable. 

My problem right now is not the thinning. It is more so that one of the two locs I wanted to combine is too small on its own and I want to avoid thinning in the future.

So, I married loc a to loc b to form a happy union! I hope...
Since seeing the video below, I might bond the two using the method in the tutorial. Will keep you posted.
Pay no attention to the puffy afro looking hair next door! :0)
It's been less than 2 weeks since I married them, so I'm cool.

Tutorial - Combining/Marrying locs
So, needless to say I was intrigued not just by the topic of the video but the stylist as well. Enjoyed watching his YT videos. His name is Damian Walter, and he hails from Houston. Follow the links below to find out more about his salon and work. His videos are truly motivating and inspiring; especially being still new to having locs.

I'm not from the US so if you are familiar with Damian and his salon - Evolution of Style, let us know.

Find Damian on Twitter: HoustonDreads

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